Monday, May 13, 2013

BBB5 Week 6

Hey, everyone!  Thanks to a busy weekend, I'm already a little behind on my blog posts for the week.  I've got a weekend recap coming soon, but here's a little preview of what's to come :)

Now, it's time for another recap of my week in Best Body Bootcamp from the awesome Tina Reale.
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This was NOT a good week for me activity-wise.  I thought that creating a workout plan would really help me get everything in, but things just kept coming up.  If I didn't go to the gym after school, the workout rarely happened.
Monday-skipped the gym
Tuesday-Outdoor Speedwork run
Wednesday-skipped the gym
Thursday-Workout A from BBB with some intermitent cardio (laps around the block after each set)
Friday-planned rest day
Saturday-2.31 mile run with Joe and Wewii
Sunday-got home late from being out of town and had to work on school work

I'm not going to be hard on myself over this because no one's perfect.  I'm going to take this week as a perfect example of why I head straight to the gym after school and work on making that a priority this week.

I didn't get both goals 7/7 days this week, but I did get the vitamin 5/7 days and the water before coffee 6/7 days.  Not bad on the goal front!

Highlight of the Week
I was pleased with myself for working out on Thursday.  I didn't go to the gym right after school, but I did go over to my neighbor's house in the evening to get my workout in. 

Goal for Next Week
Next week (well, now this week) is the start of the last phase of this round of BBB.  My goal is get in all 3 strength workouts this week.  It's also the start of my training for the Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon!  I also want to get in three training runs.  That means 6 days of activity while traveling again this week.  It's going to be tough, but that's my goal!

Question for you: How do you overcome a tough week workout-wise?  Does it get you down, or do you use it as motivation?


  1. Great job on your goals! And regardless of whether you did your planned workouts, you got in some great activity last week, and it can only go up!

    1. That's exactly the way I'm choosing to look at it :)