Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Recent Recipe Reviews

Hello, and happy Tuesday!  How has your day been?  My work week has been good so far.  I especially loved yesterday when Joe sent me the CUTEST picture in the middle of the day.
Tequila and Kitty haven't quite gotten along yet, and he said when he turned around after washing dishes, he saw this!  They're still getting used to each other, but I think this is a good sign that they were that close without Kitty swatting and hissing at Tequila :)

Lately, I've tried some different recipes.  Instead of doing an individual post on each of them, I thought I could review each of the recipes in one post!

Let's start with the Easy Honey Mustard Mozzarella Chicken.
I found this recipe thanks to a Google search when Joe and I wanted to use some local honey we bought.  I found this recipe very easy to make.  The ingredients were all things that were around the house already, so it didn't take a special trip to the store.  The bacon and cheese probably made this a little bit unhealthy, but those parts can be skipped and still be tasty.  This will definitely be a recipe we make every now and then when we want something a little different for dinner.

Next, I tried a new breakfast: overnight oats!  I used Julie's recipe for Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookie Dough Overnight Oats.
I've been following Julie's blog for a while and knew she had a lot of overnight oats recipes.  When browsing through her recipe list, this one caught my eye.  Again, this recipe was very easy to throw together.  I loved that breakfast was ready for me in the morning!  This was very peanut-buttery, and I liked it pretty well.  I was left wanting something...more but I can't put my finger on what.  I will make this recipe again and experiment with some additional add-ins.

Last, in an effort to incorporate more veggies into dinner, I made Santa Fe Zucchini Boats.
Image Source--isnt' Kim a great food photographer??
Kim's blog has a TON of delicious, healthy recipes.  When she posted the recipe for these zucchini boats, I knew I had to try them!  I was nervous about what Joe would say, though.  I modified the filling to be canned salmon, so I skipped the section of the recipe about cooking the meat and sauteeing the vegetables.  This recipe is involved and takes a while to make.  BUT, the results are fantastic!  Even Joe raved about them, and he's not as in to the healthy recipes as I am.  These will definitely be something that we make again, particularly on the weekends.

***I just wanted to take a moment to remember those affected by the Boston Marathon Bombing on this day last year.  I pray for the families of those injured and killed in the blast, those running the race last year, and everyone that was effected by this tragic, tragic event.  Tragedies like this one are so hard to understand why and deal with the evil of this world.  I am thankful that, in the wake of this tragedy, God has used and continues to use people to inspire others.***

Question for you: What's a new recipe you've tried lately that I should try?
I love to cook new things, but I have to have a recipe.  I'm not one to just wing it in the kitchen!

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