Monday, April 14, 2014

Reading Weekend and SBBC Week 4 Recap

Good afternoon, everyone!  I hope the weather where you are is just as great as it is here.
The last two weekends have been perfect for getting outside and working on my tan!  I hope it keeps up, since my brother's wedding is about a month and a half away. A tan would go wonderfully with the purple bridesmaid's dress.

What did you do this weekend?  My Friday started off with some errands like picking up my packet for the Healthy Heart 10K and heading to the dry cleaner.  Isn't this a great race shirt?
After Joe got done at clinic, we headed to our favorite Mexican place for dinner.  We met some friends there and had a good meal (and great margaritas, of course).  Afterward, we went over to a friend's house to watch Wolf of Wall Street.  I thought it was pretty good, but I didn't feel that it needed to be as long as it was.  Still, good acting and pretty funny.  We got home around midnight, and I was ready to get to bed for an early wake-up!

On Saturday, the plan was to run the Healthy Heart 10K.   When the alarm went off at 5:15, I just could not get myself out of bed.  I slept terribly the night before, and my body was just NOT ready for the race because of it.  Plus, I'd have to drive about 45 minutes to get to the race, and being as tired as I was would have made for dangerous driving conditions.  I opted to sleep instead of run the race.  The more I thought about it throughout the day, the more disappointed I became with myself.  I was really looking forward to running another 10K, plus I needed to get in a good run before the Lake Minneola Half Marathon in two weeks.  But, I really did need the sleep.  I think I made the right decision, and after talking to Joe about it, he agreed.  There's always other races!

While I wasn't running the race on Saturday morning, I did a lot of reading.  I FINALLY got back in to my book, Inferno by Dan Brown.

I took my coffee outside on our back deck and read while Tequila ran around in the yard.  We also got in some more cuddle time back inside while I read some more.  In the afternoon, we went next door to the pool and enjoyed the sun (and yes, I read some more).
Someone needed to cool off a little!
Joe got home from his elective and we did some house cleaning in the evening.  We got takeout from Carrabba's (free thanks to a gift card!) and did a Dexter-watching marathon.  We just finished season 1 and began the next season.  I was really proud of myself for figuring out who the Ice Truck Killer was :)

Sunday morning started off with more reading before church.  I stopped by Wendy's on the way home and picked up some lunch.  Did you know they have flavored iced coffee now?
It's actually pretty good!  When I got home, my day looked much like Saturday afternoon: iced coffee + reading in the back yard, went over to the pool when Joe got home, ate dinner, then watched more Dexter.
She loves chewing on sticks while playing outside!
Despite all of the reading I did, I STILL haven't finished the book!  I hope to do that early in the week, because I've got some girly books up next on my reading list.

I'm linking up with Amanda, Krysten, and Ericka for the #bestfoot link-up!  Let's look at how I did this week in the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.

I had a very strong start this week with workouts.  Here's what all I did:
Monday-BodyPump class at the gym (60 minutes=6 points)
Tuesday-Bikram yoga class (90 minutes=9 points)
Wednesday-25 minute run/walk with Tequila + 45 minute Tone It Up Bikini Sculpt workout (70 mins=7 points)
Thursday-Bikram yoga class (90 minutes=9 points)
Friday-planned rest day
Saturday-Healthy Heart 10K lazy day
Sunday-lazy day
Total Activity Points: 31 points
Water Points: 6 days/7
Freggie Points: 4/7 days
Week 4 Points: 41 points
Total Points: 125
My goal for this coming week is to RUN!  As much as I enjoy it, I haven't been doing a lot of running.  My usual plan is to run on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and since that's when I go to yoga, it throws that off.  I'm switching that up this week, so we'll see how that goes!

Question for you: Have you ever missed a race?  What are you reading right now?


  1. Looks like a great weekend! I'm definitely jealous of all your sunshine! Sounds like you made the right decision about the race though. I always have such a hard time with that, because I'm a total overcommitter, but I had bailing on things. I need to learn this lesson!

  2. WHAT that shirt is awesome!!! Love.
    Enjoy the week :) that's exactly what my training plan is too, run whatever feels good, when it feels good.

  3. I think listening to your body and opting for sleep was definitely a good call. You have to do what works best for you. Sounds like a perfect relaxing weekend all around!