Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Favorites 4/4

What's up, guys?  We've made it to Friday!  Thank goodness, too, because I had a stressful Thursday.

The school I was at went in to lockdown.  I'm not on the e-mail lists, and I was in my office by myself.  Considering what I went through at Virginia Tech, I immediately assumed the worst and I hid in the corner of my office away from the door.  After a while, I wound up calling one of the teachers with my cell phone, and she filled me in that a threat was called in.  The police came and investigated the campus, giving an all-clear about an hour later.  I'm so thankful that everything wound up being ok here!  It was quite a nerve-wracking over.

Ok, let's move on to some more positive stuff now, shall we?  It's time to share some of my favorite things this week!

Favorite Joe Moment
I couldn't think of another thing to call this, but I'm so excited for Joe!  On Tuesday, his class had their pinning ceremony, officially sending them off to the school's outpatient clinic!  He'll work there for 9 months before a 3 month internship, then he graduates from chiropractic school.  It's so crazy that it's a year away from being done!  Congrats to Joe :)  I'm so proud of him!

Favorite New Pet
After she joined me in 10 burpees on Wednesday
It's been so much fun bringing Tequila into our home!  She's so playful, and we have enjoyed taking her outside with us each afternoon.  What a sweet little girl!  You better believe there will be more and more pictures of her :)  Now, if only she'd calm down around Kitty Cat so they could become friends...

Favorite Work Outfit
I've got to say, I wore some really fun stuff to work this week!  It always makes it more fun to go to work when you're wearing something cute.  Of all the things I wore (fun maxi dress from A Cut Above, my first Stitch Fix purchase, one of my all-time favorite skirts), I have to say that the skirt Katherine (my sister-in-law) found for me at Goodwill takes the cake!  It went perfectly with the purple turtleneck shirt I already had, and I paired it with some black peep-toe pumps.  Good times!

Favorite New Shirt
Speaking of Stitch Fix, I received my second fix in the mail this week!  The clothes they sent me were great, but I only would up keeping this one shirt.  I thought it was a really fun print and a versatile shirt.  It'd look great for a fun night out or dressed up a little for church or work.  Love it!  If you want to sign up for Stitch Fix yourself (I highly recommend it), I'd love it if you'd use my referral link!

Favorite New Recipe
Joe picked up some local honey a few months ago and mentioned that we should use it this week.  I searched "honey baked chicken" on Google and found this one for Easy Honey Mustard Mozzarella Chicken.  Oh my, this was tasty!!  The meal itself probably wasn't very healthy, but stay tuned for how I often "healthify" recipes I find that seem unhealthy.

Favorite Blog Posts
I read a lot of different blogs, but I wanted to share some of my favorite posts I read this week.  I'm still catching up on my blog reading after being in DC (that recap is coming, for real!).  These are all fantastic bloggers, so check them out!
It's Not All or Nothing from Delights and Delectables
Evening Ab Workout from Peanut Butter Fingers
Spring Cleaning Our Healthy Habits from A Two Storey Home
Training Tip of the Week: Cross Training from Katrina Elle

Question for you: What's one of your favorite things this week?  What was your favorite blog post this week?


  1. Yikes, what a scary moment for your school! This month is "active shooter" month at my job, as if April isn't a difficult enough month for me already! I realize that it's important information, but sometimes it's just too much to deal with this month! Anyway, on a happier note, yay for Joe, yay for cute skirts and tops, and yay for puppies!

    1. Oh my gosh, worst month for that EVER! Good luck dealing with that, I know that's gotta be tough.