Wednesday, April 9, 2014

WIAW #30: Routine Change-Up

Good morning!  It may just be me, but the days seem to be going by so quickly lately! I think I have all day/night to get something then, then I turn around and it's already bed time.  Crazy!

Need a little Wednesday pick-me-up?  Check out this adorable BuzzFeed of 17 Baby Elephants Learning How to Use Their Trunks.  Oh my goodness, it is just beyond precious!

Speaking of Wednesday, guess what it's time for?

What I Ate Wednesday!  Today's post features yesterday's meals, where I did a little change-up from my usual routine.  I guess I was inspired by Monday night's Dancing with the Stars partner switch-ups :)  (anyone watch that show?  How about Meryl and Val's Argentine Tango?  SO GOOD!).

Let's get to the food now, shall we?  Thanks, as always, to Jenn for hosting the linkup.  Head over to Peas and Crayons for more about WIAW, as well as see what other bloggers are eating!

Instead of my usual bowl of cereal, Joe and I broke out the new Vitamix we got and made smoothies for breakfast this morning!
I used 2 ripe bananas, 2 scoops of vanilla protein powder, a handful of spinach, 2 handfuls of frozen mixed berries, and a mix of water and milk to get everything moving.  I split it up between two 20-ounce cups, and we had a tasty, healthy breakfast to go!  The smoothie was a little watery, so next time I'll make sure to freeze the bananas.

Morning Snack

Instead of my usual cup of Chobani, I had some carrots and the top of a red pepper dipped in hummus. Nice little change!


We were out of spinach for salads, so I cut the top off a red pepper and stuffed it with some tuna salad (one can tuna + tomatoes + onions + mustard).  It was a nice little switch-up for lunch!  I also ate the veggie straws and mandarin oranges on the side.  I wound up eating the apple later.

Afternoon Snack

This is my usual afternoon snack--some sort of protein bar.  Tuesday, I had a Balance bar.  These things are REALLY good!  I also ate my apple on the side, that's a little bit of a change-up.


Joe and I attended a baby shower for one of his classmates and had dinner there.  This was my dinner plate (hamburger, some chips/crackers and various dips), but I was up snacking on more chips/crackers and dips throughout the evening.  Pretty tasty food, and great company to celebrate with!

I finally made it back to bikram yoga on Tuesday with Casie!  We'd been off our routine of going twice a week, so I thought the class was going to be really tough for me.  It turned out to be one of the better ones I've had lately, and I look forward to going back on Thursday!  Plus, we had an instructor that I haven't had there before, and I think I have a new favorite :)

Question for you: What's something you do to change up your meal routine?


  1. I change up the protein bars or the snacks I have- I think with meals I stick to consistency and then change the snacks as they are more frequent :-)

    Awesome post!!

    1. Snacks are MUCH easier to change up! I do regularly change up the protein bars I eat. Nice to have variety:)

  2. I am pretty bad about changing up my meals, but depending on the weather I will change up breakfast. If it's cold out I'll have a warm bowl of oatmeal and if it's not then I'll have cereal! I try to keep dinner pretty varied and like trying out new recipes :)

    1. I'm bad about it, too! It's crazy that I had a whole day where I changed things up! I think dinner is the easiest thing to vary, especially when you try new recipes. Always a lot of fun :)