Wednesday, October 8, 2014

One-Word Wednesday

Hey everyone, and happy Wednesday!  Hope your week is treating you well.

I have been so, so bad about taking pictures lately, particularly pictures of my food.  So, now What I Ate Wednesday post for you today.  However, I do have some pictures from the last two weeks to share with you.  I'm going to do this "One-Word Wednesday" style, something I've seen on Katie's blog a few times.

The rules: caption each picture with one word or hashtag style if you need more than one.  Hope you enjoy the pictures!
Goofball (what's up with my face...?)
Terrapin!! (no beer for me, don't worry)
Question for you: What's one word that describes your last week?  What one word describes your current mood?
My last week has been BUSYYYY and my current mood is FOCUSED. :)

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