Monday, October 27, 2014

Race Weekend Recap

Hey y'all!  How's it going?  I hope your week is off to a great start.  Sorry this post is a little late going up today--we had a late night on Sunday and I just wasn't able to get it together in the morning.  Better late than never, right?

This weekend's main plan was the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon.  We had a busier weekend that I normally like before a race, but the activities were pretty restful even though we were really on the go!

I started the weekend off by catching up on the show How to Get Away with Murder.  Is anyone watching that show?
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I'm sucked in now, but I still don't know how I feel about it.  I'm just interested to see how everything all plays out.

After Joe got home, we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant for dinner.  It was just the two of us, which is nice because we normally have a lot of Joe's friends come meet us.  It's nice to spend time with just Joe :)

The rest of the evening was spent watching the World Series game, then we went home and played with Tequila.  Joe likes to do triceps extensions while she's tugging on one of her toys.
It was pretty hilarious to watch the two of them!

Saturday began much like last Saturday: four hours volunteering at the pumpkin patch!  I really enjoy helping the youth sell pumpkins at church--you see so many families hanging out together and taking adorable pictures!  It's also fun because I get to know the youth that are working with me.  Definitely a plus now that I'm helping with youth group on Sundays!

It was then time for packet pickup for the Lighthouse Loop race on Sunday.  It was a very quick process, so I was quite pleased with that.  Plus, we got a cute little drawstring bag this year!
In the afternoon, Joe and I headed down to New Smyrna for the Wine Walk.  I was not partaking in the wine (duh), but I really enjoyed walking around Flagler Avenue in the beautiful weather.  Plus, we got dinner at That's Amore (my favorite), so the good food made up for no wine :)  I got my usual dish, which was perfect for carb-loading before the race.

After getting home, I got my stuff together for the race and headed to bed early!
The 5:00am alarm was rough, but I got out the door in plenty of time to make it to the race!  I'll have a full recap of the race on Thursday, but it was a great time!
I made it to church after the race, then headed home to spend some time with Joe.  That turned in to taking a 1.5 hour nap, then hanging out :)

The early evening was spent at youth group.  We played an interesting Halloween trivia game (did you know that 2.16 million children dressed as Spiderman in 2004?), worship songs, and watching the next part of the movie God's Not Dead.  I'm really in to this movie and want to know what happens!!
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After that, I headed over to a friend's house to meet up with Joe for the WWE pay-per-view.  It was nice to socialize and I had a good time, but man was I tired getting home after 11!  I went straight to bed and had a hard time waking up this morning.  Note the delay in getting this post up :)

Well, that was our weekend!  Pretty packed, but lots of fun, too.  See you tomorrow for a pregnancy update, featuring my favorite "bump" picture to date :)

Question for you: How was your weekend?  What do you think of How to Get Away With Murder (if you're watching it)?  Did you race this weekend?

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