Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Pregnancy Update: 18 Weeks + Picking Names

Hey there!  Happy Tuesday :)  I'm pretty excited because I have a textbook adoption meeting all day today.  I hope it goes well and that we pick the best resources for the county for the next 4 years.

Well, as has become the norm around here on Tuesdays, it's time to talk about my pregnancy!  Let's just jump right on in to the update, shall we?

Pregnancy Update: 18 weeks

How far along? 18 weeks (and two days)

Baby Bump progress: this is BY FAR my favorite bump picture so far!

Joe's photography skills are improving :)

Baby's Size? Baby Fish is about the size of a sweet potato!  5-6 inches long and weighs 6-7 ounces

What's happening this week?  This week, baby can yawn, hiccup, suck, and swallow.  Baby Fish is also moving around, but I can't feel it just yet.

Total weight gain/loss: as of my doctor's appointment two weeks ago, I've gained 2 pounds since the beginning!  I imagine it's more than that now, but I'll find out in a few weeks

Stretch marks? Still none!  Definitely going to remember the cocoa butter as the bump continues to grow

Sleep: I'm sleeping well--I just need to make sure to get to bed at a good time.  I've been going to bed later than normal this week, and it's not helping!

Best moment this week: Completing the Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon!  It was my first race knowing about the pregnancy, and I was so happy and impressed with how great I felt mentally and physically during the race.

Miss anything?: since we went to the Wine Walk this week, I did miss sampling all the wines.  I got some delicious pasta at the end, though :)

Movement: Haven't felt anything yet!  It's early still

Food cravings: I finally ate the brownie batter I wanted last week...that was the only thing I really craved this week.

Anything making you queasy or sick: I think I worked myself sick on Wednesday morning--I was feeling off, and I think I worried myself "in to" some morning sickness.  I wound up staying home from work on Wednesday, which made me feel good!

Gender: still going to wait!  We did hear of some interesting things we could do to let a few people know the gender before we do.  They're going to have to be a good secret keeper, though!

Labor Signs: none (thank goodness!)

Symptoms: being SUPER forgetful, some back pain after the half marathon, and a little bit of sickness on Wednesday

Belly Button in or out? in

Wedding rings on or off? on

Happy or Moody? I've been pretty happy this week!  I did have some moments of sudden/semi-extreme emotions, but other than that, I've been good!

Funny moments this week: After the half marathon on Sunday, I was talking to Joe and looked down at my stomach and BAM!  I noticed that my bump had grown quite a lot, and seemingly overnight!  We both got a kick out of that, but we were also happy that I seem to be out of the "Is she fat or pregnant?" stage!  Woo hoo!

Looking forward to: feeling the baby move and settling on names!  I think we're getting close to picking them out :)

Exercise this week: I decided to take it easy this week in light of the half marathon on Sunday, but the main source of exercise was the race!
I really felt great throughout the race as it relates to the pregnancy/running while pregnant, which I was very happy about (check back Thursday for a full race recap)!  I plan to take a few days off of exercise to let my legs heal, and then after that, I do want to get in some more weight training since it hasn't been a focus of mine for quite a while.

New this week: If Joe and I focus on something baby-related throughout the week, I plan to share it here on the blog!  And because I like alliterations and fun names for things on the blog, I'm going to call this section...
Baby Fish Feature!
That'll help me look back on this pregnancy and remember all the little things, and hopefully will help those of you going through the same thing now or in the future!  On to this week's Baby Fish Feature!

Baby Fish Feature: Picking Names
This week, Joe and I have really been trying to solidify names for either a boy or a girl.  We talked about some boy names right after we found out, but we really hadn't decided on anything.  Some names came to mind right away, and others we looked at some websites for.

The funny thing is, whenever we think of a name, one of us will always think of something or someONE that name makes us think of.  For example, a family name on Joe's side was actually what my uncle and aunt named their dog!

We are down to two different names for each gender.  There's probably a frontrunner for each, but we will finally decide sometime soon :)

The other thing we discussed: should we tell people the names?  I know of some people who share the name once they find out the gender, and I also know people who didn't share the name until after the birth.  So we'll see what we decide!

Question for you: If you have kids, did you share the names before the birth?  If not, how do you think you'll come up with baby names?


  1. I feel like teachers have it worst, because we can usually associate a memory of a student with a particular name. Good luck with narrowing down the list of names!

    1. Oh yes, definitely! Luckily, I taught in a low SES school for a few years, so many of those names are...um...unique and not ones I would have picked out :)