Thursday, October 2, 2014

Three-Quarter Year Goals Check-in

Y'all, can you BELIVE it's already October 2nd?!?!?  Seriously, where has 2014 gone??
Since we're three-quarters of the way through 2014, it's time to take a look at how I'm doing with my goals for the year.  If you want to check my promise throughout the year, here are my previous 2014-goals-related posts:
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So now, let's see how I"m doing with three-quarters of the year gone.

Deepen my Faith
This will always be a work in progress, but I am making steps in the right direction.  I'm loving my Bible study (and am learning A LOT), I'm getting more involved in church, and I'm really making an effort to pray throughout the day.
I will always be working toward this goal, no matter how much progress I make!

Run 14 in 2014
I've run a total of 6 races this year and have signed up for 5 more (I missed the RnR VB Half Marathon).  There are some local 5ks and 10ks coming up, and I plan to mix those in to my already-hectic race schedule for the rest of the year!

Reduce the Clutter
Ehhh....I think I've regressed a little this quarter.  My pregnancy has made me very lazy (not an excuse, but it has), and I have let reducing the clutter go as a priority.  Sleeping on the couch just sounds so much better after work!

Yesterday, though, I did come home and got a lot of chores done.  Maybe I'm out of the want-to-sleep-all-the-time-first-trimester!  I hear there's more energy to come in the second :)

Make a T-shirt Quilt
I've ACTUALLY picked out the t-shirts for this quilt!  There are a lot of them, so the next step is to arrange them and then cut the squares.  Hopefully I can get that done (and maybe even start sewing) by the end of the year!

Attend a Conference (or two or three)
I've still only attended the conferences in January.  I missed FLBlogCon due to going up to Virginia.  But, there is still a conference for work that I'd like to go to at the end of the month!

Do Something Adventurous
A big old CHECK on this one!
I'd say sky diving is pretty adventurous!  Plus, little did I know I was two months pregnant (I found out a week later that I was pregnant--I wouldn't have done it if I'd known).  I was freaking out that I'd done something to the baby, but when I told the nurse, she said "well, you're still pregnant and everything is just fine.  Now you can tell your child they've already been sky diving!"  Haha!

No more adventurous stuff for me now, though.  Glad I met this goal already!

Well, there you have it!  At least I'm making progress on all of my goals.  Hopefully by Decemeber 31st, I'll have met (or made even more progress) all of these goals.  I've got three months--I can do this!

Question for you: How are you doing with meeting your goals for 2014?

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