Wednesday, December 24, 2014

WIAW #46: Food in Dubai

Good morning, and Merry Christmas Eve to those out there that celebrate!  Joe and I are getting ready for our Christmas celebrations with his family, but before I head out, I thought I'd drop by for one of my favorite blogland traditions!
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Today's What I Ate Wednesday post features some of the food I ate while in Dubai!  I tried to remember to take pictures of every meal, but that didn't happen.  Luckily, I did get a good sample of things that we ate (particularly my favorite things)!

As always, thanks to Jenn for the link-up!  Head over to hear blog to find out more about WIAW and see what other bloggers are eating!

Lots of Kebabs
Much of the food we ate was either Indian or Lebanese food.  Most of the time, though, we ate many kebabs and other traditional Lebanese dishes (like tabouleh-top right on my plate).  Here's food from our buffet on Friday night.  For every meal, everything was fresh, not processed, and tasty!

Traditional Emirati Food
The UAE natives are called emirati, and at lunch on Sunday in Abu Dabui, we ate a traditional dish.  This dish is called Harees, and it is meat, rice, and bread all mashed together.  It looks weird, but it was REALLY good!  It tasted like a casserole without chunks.  Our tour guide described Emirati food as comfort food, and I would definitely agree.

Airplane Food
We flew Lufthansa on the way over, and the meals on those flights were GREAT!
We had dinner and breakfast on our flight from Orlando to Frankfurt, Germany (as well as a small snack with the beverage cart) then a lunch and a snack (sandwich) from Frankfurt to Dubai.  I was incredibly pleased with the food we received!  They also brought beverages by very frequently AND offered free alcohol during the flight.  Too bad I couldn't take advantage!

During our layover in Frankfurt, I got a soft pretzel.  Hey, when in Germany!!
On the way home, we flew United and I must say, the food was a little disappointing.  Nowhere near as good, and we got less food on our flight from Dubai to Washington, DC (about 14 hours 30 minutes) than the Frankfurt flight.  Glad I got the pictures of the Lufthansa food :)

Each morning, we ate breakfast in our hotel.  They had a buffet of hot foods, cereal, pastries, and fruit with a wide selection each morning.  I typically had eggs, potatoes, cereal, a piece of fruit, and a croissant every morning.  I never took any pictures, but everything was really good!

They also usually had some sort of "soup" each morning that Joe really enjoyed.  One morning, it was an Indian food dish made with potatoes and spices, and the other morning it was a chickpea-based dish.  It was a unique item for breakfast, but as I said, Joe thought it was really good!


We had lots of desserts, particularly when eatings at a buffet.  My favorite were the camel milk chocolates pictured above (those are chocolates, not peebles!) and these little donut-like things (called Gulab Jamun) we ate on numerous occasions.

Overall, everything we ate was GREAT, and I actually did not have any problems with anything we ate.  Awesome!!

Question for you: When you travel, do you try to eat local food most of the time?  What's your favorite dish you've had while traveling?


  1. Wow that looks like some awesome airplane food! Hopefully that made the long flight a little better :)

    1. Oh it was delicious!!! I wish we'd gotten the same type of food on the way back :-\