Sunday, January 20, 2013

11.5 Miles + Gu Chomps + The Door

I'm just going to jump right on in to this post, as I have a lot to say!

Today's Training
I got in my 11.5-mile long run for the week today!  I mapped out my route yesterday and was pretty excited to tackle the challenge.  My Garmin didn't charge yesterday, so I went out GPS-less but had my timer on my iPod going.

One of my obstacles around my 3rd mile was the Dunlawton Bridge.  It connects the mainland to the beach and is quite a hill.
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As I told Joe when I returned, I beasted that bridge!  I had about a 10-minute mile pace going the whole time, which I was pretty impressed with considering the incline.

Overall, here's how I did:
I wanted to average an 11-minute mile pace, and I clearly did better than that.  I'm really pleased with myself, and it makes me feel confident with the half marathon just over a month away.  My body is kind of achy, but I've got some ice on my knees and compression socks on.  Hopefully I'll be good to go tomorrow!

Diet Tip of the Day
This goes along with training, but I tried some running fuel today that I wanted to share with you!

Gu Chomps in Watermelon
These are a lot like fruit snacks, and the flavor was great!  I ate two chews every 20-25 minutes during my run, and I could see a difference in my energy level throughout the run.
One pack is good for 1.5-2 hours of activity, which was perfect for my two-hour run!  I will definitely need another pack during my half marathon.

Overall, I liked the taste, I liked the energy they gave me, and I had no stomach problems during the run.  My stomach has been a little off since getting back, but I could attribute that to what I ate before the run (I had some Cheetos...they are definitely my weakness!).  I'm definitely going to use these again, and hopefully they weren't the reason for my stomach problems.

Faith Find
Today's sermon was given by Troy Ray, the director of Halifax Urban Ministries, an organization that helps the homeless in Daytona Beach and surrounding areas.  He shared a writing by Sam Shoemaker called "I Stand at the Door," which I found very interesting.  Here is a link to the whole writing, but I'll share the first part with you:

"I stand by the door.
I neither go to far in, nor stay to far out.
The door is the most important door in the world -
It is the door through which men walk when they find God.
There is no use my going way inside and staying there,
When so many are still outside and they, as much as I,
Crave to know where the door is.
And all that so many ever find
Is only the wall where the door ought to be.
They creep along the wall like blind men,
With outstretched, groping hands,
Feeling for a door, knowing there must be a door,
Yet they never find it.
So I stand by the door."

Shoemaker goes on to talk about how he stands at the door for those who get scared and want to get out of the door again.  He talks about wanting to help them remember what it was like to go through the door in the first place.

Here's a section toward the end of the writing:

"I admire the people who go way in.
But I wish they would not forget how it was
Before they got in. Then they would be able to help
The people who have not yet even found the door.
Or the people who want to run away again from God.
You can go in too deeply and stay in too long
And forget the people outside the door.
As for me, I shall take my old accustomed place,
Near enough to God to hear Him and know He is there,
But not so far from men as not to hear them,
And remember they are there too."

This writing is such a challenge to me to be more like Jesus.  Jesus knew that it was important to listen to God, to love Him, and to follow His commands.  But he came to Earth to meet the needs of people.  It's so easy to stay in the "Christian bubble" and spend time with those who believe what you believe and who agree with you.  

But that's not what we're called to do.  We're called to love God and love others.  We're called to go where we see a need.

This sermon really spoke to me, and I feel like I have some things to pray about.  I felt called in a certain direction during the sermon, and I want to see if that's what God wants or if that's just something I want.

Whoa, long post!!  If you stuck with me the whole way, thank you!  Enjoy your MLK Day holiday tomorrow (if you have one), and I'll see you back here tomorrow evening.

Question of the Day:  Have you accomplished something this week that you're really proud of?  
My run, as well as realizing this potential change I might make, have me feeling pretty proud of myself.

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