Monday, January 28, 2013

Best Body Bootcamp Week 3 Recap

Well, Week 3 of Best Body Bootcamp was a rough one for me.  My heel injury scared me, and I didn't do any of the workouts after Tuesday.  I learned that one thing that may be causing the injury is my running form--I may be striking on my heel too much instead of a flat-footed strike.  Good news is that my heel is rarely hurting, just an occasional pain when I'm standing too long.  I just don't want to aggravate it again!

I only did Workout A and the Cardio Workout this week.  For the first time, I actually wanted to exercise on Wednesday and Thursday, but I sat myself down and iced my heel.  I really hated that I actually had the motivation and couldn't follow through.

Joe and I went out of town this weekend, so workouts Friday-Sunday didn't happen.  Luckily, it gave me some time where I could also rest my heel, so I think the out-of-town thing worked out to my advantage.

Goal for Week 4 in the Activity area: Try all of the strength workouts, and use the elliptical for the cardio workouts.  This is keep me active but reduce the strain on my heel (hopefully).

My two goals this week were successful!  I met each goal 5/7 days, and I'm very proud of myself.  I'll share those goals next recap, since they're still applicable for another week.

My previous goals from phase 1 took a bit of a dive this week.  I did not get as much water during the day as the previous two weeks, but I'm making an effort this week.  I did, however, continue my good streak of brushing my teeth/washing my face before bed.  I'm glad I at least kept up with one previous goal, too!

Goal for Week 4: Meet my new goals at least 5/7 times and make more of an effort to meet my old goals, as well.

Overall, I'm still loving BBB.  I really love that I wanted to work out this week, even when I told myself I needed to rest.  It's also great motivation to stick to my plan and meet my goals.  I love being able to fill in an "x" on the spreadsheet when I accomplish something for the day.  It makes me happy!

I'll be back later with a recap of my day, including sharing a new-to-me way to cook green beans and how it went!

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