Sunday, January 20, 2013

From Saturday: 9-minute pace

It seems that I always type a post on Saturday but never post it.  Oh well, better late than never!

Happy Saturday everyone!  Today's post begins with two pictures!  The first is a funny picture of Wewii Joe sent me yesterday afternoon:
That is one relaxed pooch!  Wewii is so funny when he sleeps--he'll dream pretty often and move his paws, jaw, and makes sounds.  What a cutie!

Next, here's a picture of the prize I received after Holiday Bootie Buster Bootcamp courtesy of Amanda at Run to the Finish!
I'm excited to try out the gear and the workout DVD!  Thanks, Amanda!  I've already signed up for the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge, and I'll be sharing information about that with you as soon as Amanda has it all finalized and posted.

Joe and I started things off this weekend by picking up our bedroom!  We can really be slobs during the week, leaving dirty clothes and outfits we ruled out just laying around on the floor or on the bedpost.  I continued to be productive by getting a workout in and running some errands.

Today's Training
Wewii and I went on a run this afternoon.  I wanted to do something short since I'm planning on 11.5 miles tomorrow, so we did 2 miles right around my apartment.
Great scenery on this run, and we kept a great pace!

When we got back, I decided to try out one of the goodies I received as a prize from the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge.
The Beach Babe by Tone It Up DVD!  There are 7 different workouts on this video, and I tried the Arms workout.  It lasted less than 20 minutes, and even without weights, my muscles were feeling a burn!

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's run for two reasons.  First, it'll be the longest distance I've ever run.  Second, I bought some mid-run fuel to test out.

When I was checking out at Dick's today, the cashier said, "Out of everything in here, this is all you're getting?"  So, I explained to him my training and that I knew I needed to try some of these out.  Hey, at least I bought something there :)  I'll let you know which one I decide to try and how that works out tomorrow!

Question of the Day: What kinds of fuel do you like during your long runs?

Back later with an update from my run today, as well as an interesting writing from the sermon today at church!


  1. Great prizes! I need to sign up for the spring one too!

  2. And since you reminded me, I'll say you referred me!