Sunday, January 13, 2013

Best Body Bootcamp Week 1 + Manatees!!

I want to recap my first week of BBB, and I want to share what Joe and I did today!

BBB Week 1 Recap
Even though it's only been a week, and I am LOVING Best Body Bootcamp!  The workouts that Tina gives us are challenging but doable, and some of the new-to-me moves are some of my new favorite exercises!  I also love that there are different things that each phase focuses on, and this phase focuses on controlled movements and balance.  I really need to work on balance, so I really enjoyed Core Workout B that included lots of balance moves.

As far as Activity goes, I got in 4 days of activity (Strength Workouts A and B, Cardio Workout A, and Cardio of Choice day).  I'm pleased with that, although I didn't earn an entry toward the weekly prize.  I'd only been having about 3 days a week of activity, so that's an improvement!

There are also two Goals to set for the week to improve your health, and I met those goals 6/7 days for Goal 1, and 5/7 days for Goal 2, each earning me prize entries.

My goal for the upcoming week: get at least 5 out of 7 days of activity!  I also hope to meet each of my goals for the week, as well.

Today's Activity 
I have to tell y'all something.

I am obsessed with manatees.

It started in 4th grade with my teacher who loved dolphins.  She had us do projects on anything that interested us, and I decided to do one on manatees.  I thought they were the cutest marine animal, and after my project, I knew I wanted to see one in the wild.  Any time I've been in Florida and I've seen a "Manatee Area" sign, I've been on the look-out.

Well, today, I got to see one!!!

Joe and I went to Blue Springs State Park, which is a manatee refuge during the winter.  The water is always 73 degrees, so the manatees come there for warmer water from November to April.

The first thing we saw was a gator.  Joe is a native Floridian, and told us at first that it was a 6-foot gator.  Then it moved out of the water and on to the bank.

That was my first gator siting in Florida!  Close by, we saw some dark spots in the water that looked like manatees.  Finally, one surfaced and we knew for sure that we'd seen our first manatee of the day!
Look at that little nose!
Here are some other pictures from the day:
All 4 manatees in the Springs today 
Joe and I with the manatee sculpture 
Me and a manatee
Next up on the manatee bucket list:  Swim with them!!  Apparently, you aren't really allowed to in the wild, but there is a place in Crystal River, FL (about 3 hours from us) that has a program where you can swim with them.  I think that'll happen sometime this spring or summer :)

When we got back, Joe and I took the dog for a 2.2 mile run.  I didn't get in my long run for the week (thanks to Workout B of BBB...super sore hamstrings!!!), but we did run under a 10-minute mile pace.

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and have a great start to the week!  See y'all tomorrow with a recap of my day/the start of BBB Week 2.

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  1. Oh that is awesome that you like manatees. They are pretty special. haha my last vacation was somewhere in FL where manatees were a local attraction. There was even a park across the street from where we were staying that had a manatee sculputre :)