Thursday, November 8, 2012

Playing catch-up: Treadmill Speed workout

Boy, oh boy, has this been a busy week!  After school meetings = delayed dinner, delayed dinner = delayed workouts, and delayed workouts = no blog posts (because I want to wait to share my workouts before blogging!).  So, that's where I've been this week.  So, here's an update from the week!

Wednesday's Workout
When I got back from a meeting yesterday at 6:30, I was ready to throw in the towel for the day.  Then, I read Julie at PBFinger's post that linked to this article about sticking to your evening workouts.  Great tips to stick to the workout, and starting next week, I am committing to going to work out/run right after school (or at least before dinner time).

My postponed Treadmill Tuesday run was a speed workout and looked like this: 
(Add/subtract 1.0 to each speed to cater this workout toward your running/fitness level)
My workout wound up lasting for 31 mins, 30 seconds (I didn't repeat the 7.0 speed going in to the 2nd repetition), and I went 4.0 miles, including my 5 minute warm-up and 5 minute cool-down.

This workout had me SWEAT-ING!  But, I was proud of myself because I ran the whole 31:30 without stopping.  

Diet Tip Question for the Week
As someone committing to living and eating healthy, I have the hardest time eating clean.  I love vegetables and fruits, and I love the way all-natural food tastes (if you don't know what clean eating is, check out this article).  But, there are two main set-backs.

1.  Eating clean is EXPENSIVE.  I tried getting ground turkey one time, and a pound was $8, as opposed to getting 3 pounds of ground beef (albeit the 80% fat version of ground beef) was $9.  As a family living off of a teacher's salary and student loans, Joe and I do most of our grocery shopping at Wal-mart to get the lowest prices.  We certainly skimp on freshness and quality by doing this, but I just feel like it's what we have to do right now.  I'm not saying this to gain sympathy at all.  I'd like to hear from you--what are some cost-efficient tips for eating clean?

2. I have a really hard time resisting cravings.  I know one way to do this is just not having those types of foods in the house, but that's easier said than done (especially when you're hungry while you're grocery shopping).  There are many healthy snacks that I enjoy eating, but sometimes a handful of Cheetos is just much more appetizing than a handful of carrots!

So that's what I'm dealing with.  Please, leave your clean eating tips in the comments!  I need them, please :)

Faith Find
On Sunday's run, I listened to another sermon in the "Christian" series from Andy Stanley at North Point Community Church.  This one was called "Angry Birds" and addressed how to demonstrated both truth and grace.  I think I may have skipped a week, because Andy mentions the previous week talking about truth and grace, but I think he talked about judging...  Oh well, I'll figure it out.

Anyway, Andy Stanley goes through the story of the prodigal son as Jesus' instructions to us of demonstrating truth and grace.  He focuses first on the prodigal son and how what he did was the biggest insult to his father.  But, when he returned, his father didn't care about all his transgressions, but he welcomed the son back in to the fold with a celebration.

Then, Andy Stanley flipped and started focusing on the other son, the older brother who stayed with his father and worked hard while the prodigal was off squandering his father's wealth.  The older brother became angry about the fact that his father threw a party for the return of his sinning brother and asked why he hadn't been celebrated that way when he was working hard for his father.  Stanley focuses on the fact that the father says the older son has always been with him.

When a sinner repents and turns toward God, Heaven rejoices.  But many Christians get angry about the fact that they've "done God's work" throughout their lives, and someone else who comes along later gets the same reward (eternal life).  Instead of getting angry, Stanley suggests that our hearts need to rejoice in repentance and break over sin (both of others and of ourselves), as demonstrated in the story of the prodigal son.  This sermon resonated with me, since I know that I need to focus more on being convicted of my sins, truly repenting of them, and asking for forgiveness.

Back tomorrow with the usual daily content.  I've got to turn on the TV and watch Virginia Tech take on FSU!  Let's go Hokies!

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