Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips + Answered Prayers

Hey, everyone!  I hope you've had a fabulous Wednesday.  I had a pretty great day at school today, caught up with a good friend of mine on the phone, and now I have a glass of wine while watching ABC comedies.  Can't complain :)

Diet Tip of the Day
This summer, my aunt, who shops at Whole Foods quite often, introduced me to sweet potato tortilla chips by Food Should Taste Good.

I found them in Wal-mart last week and decided to pick those up, along with some 100-calorie guacamole packets.

I brought that for lunch today, and boy, was it delicious!  These chips barely taste any different than regular tortilla chips (if anything, they taste better!), and the guacamole was quite filling for 100 calories.  I highly recommend these chips!

Faith Find
I've prayed about it, and I really do feel as though God is calling me to give to the Christian radio station I listen to!  I'm excited to give to a ministry that benefits so many across Central Florida, as well as others who come to visit the area.  I'm not saying this to make myself seem all holier-than-thou and all high on myself (I can be quite the opposite, actually), but I just wanted to share that I did hear an answer to my prayer.  It's quite a great feeling to know that God is speaking to you, which can be so hard to realize sometime.

Today's Training
My shin splints have returned :(  I was planning on strength training (Weighted Wednesday seems like such a distant memory!), but I decided to take a rest day so that my shins can heal.  They already feel better and ready for a run tomorrow!

Training goals for the rest of the week: 35 minute run tomorrow (going to go as soon as I get home from school), Strength training on Friday (going to use a workout from Run, Eat, Repeat designed for runners), and a 6-mile run on Saturday.  Looking forward to it :)

Question of the Day: Any healthy food you've tried lately that you love?
I'd love to hear about them!!

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