Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Weighted Wednesday: HBBC Workout of the Week Circuit

Well, even though I woke up at 6:30 on my day off, I've been very productive today!  I cleaned our kitchen, bathrooms, and living room so that we have a clean apartment to come home today, I dropped off some mail, bought a sewing machine, packed, and went to the gym!  Just woke up from a nap, and now we are getting ready to head to Virginia to see my family for Thanksgiving.

Today's Training
I parked at the gym, then ran around the lake by the gym twice for a 1-mile warm-up.  Then, I completed the HBBC Workout of the Week (WOW) and included some other exercises in this circuit created by Katie at Fit Butt Fabulous
I did all the exercises right in a row and took about a 90 second break between sets.  Let me tell you...if you want to sweat, do this circuit!  After the jump squats straight in to a plank and mountain climbers, I was literally dripping sweat onto the mat.

Weights used: 25 pound bar on the bent over row, 5 pound hand weights for the shoulder raises, and a 10-pound weight for the plie squats.

My muscles didn't feel too much work during the circuit, but my core feels like it is toning as I type.  I LOVE that feeling, and I really enjoyed this workout.

Check out Amanda's video of how to do the Curtsy lunge, push-up with rotation, and the Stars (a new favorite of mine).

This workout earned me 3 points (1 for the mile, 2 for the weighted workout that took me 30 minutes to complete all 3 sets).  I should fit in my veggies and fruits today (4 servings so far!  Apple in my oatmeal, an apple for a snack, and 2-cup salad for lunch) after dinner and a snack later, but I'll post that later.

That's all I've got for you for today.  I most likely won't be able to blog while I'm away, as my grandparents live in a small town and still have dial-up internet!  I will do a full update when I return, including what exercises I was able to do while up there!  My goal is to go on a 3-mile run either tomorrow morning or Friday morning (or both!)

Question of the Day: Tell me some things you are thankful for!
In no particular order: I'm thankful for God's love for me, housing, food, my job, my family, my husband, my friends, my students, and, in general, my life!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Safe travels, and enjoy the time with your families being thankful for your blessings!

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