Monday, April 22, 2013

Intensity-Increaser Elliptical Workout

Hey, everyone!  Hope your week is off to a good start.  I must say, I've turned over a new leaf, and I think that it's really going to improve my energy and happiness each day.  Don't worry, I'll share that with y'all (after I've had some time for it to stick).

After a week of out-of-the-ordinary posts, it's back to the usual material.

Diana's blog post about striving to be a qualitarian eater rather than a perfect eater really struck a chord with me.  Because of that, I'm making this the Week of Qualitarian Choices!

A qualitarian eater (in case you didn't read Diana's post) is one who makes a better choice when it comes to food rather than the perfect choice.  Today, I actually made TWO better choices when it came to breakfast and a snack.

First off, when it came to breakfast, my craving was for something sweet, but I went something something a little sweet and nutritious!
Fruity Pebbles were my favorite cereal growing up, and when I saw them last week at the store, I had to pick them up!  I passed up my childhood favorite in favor of a little bit healthier cereal.  I found this Kashi Simply Maize cereal on sale at the store this weekend and decided to give it a try!  To tell you the truth, it did satisfy my craving for something sweet this morning.

When I got home this afternoon, I needed a snack before making dinner.  I bought a variety pack of chips (in hopes to try the new Lay's flavors, but they weren't in there!) and they were calling my name to hold me over until dinner.
Instead of the Cheetos, my usual go-to chip, I grabbed a bag of Sun Chips!  They met my need for something crunchy while also giving me a serving of whole grain.

I was pleased with myself for making two better choices when it came to food.  Also, I was surprised that these substitutes still satisfied my cravings!  Maybe there is something to this qualitarian thing after all :)

Following in the footsteps of last week, I went straight to the gym after school today!  To warm up for Best Body Bootcamp Workout A (more pulses!), I completed this Intensity-Increaser Elliptical Workout:
(Like the little gerber daisies?  Those were the flowers my bridesmaids carried, so I had fun putting those on my workout!)

30 minutes on the elliptical + pulsing reps on the legs and shoulders had me sweating and feeling the burn!

Question for you: What was your favorite childhood cereal?
Fruity Pebbles and Alpha-bits cereal were my favorites!  Remember those?


  1. Good for you with the choices! My favorite cereal growing up was Corn Pops and I was also a big Trix fan :)

    1. Trix were also a good one :) I never got in to the Corn Pops, but my dad STILL loves them!