Sunday, April 7, 2013

BBB5 Week 1 Recap

Hey, everyone!  I'm back at home after a fun, informative, and tiring weekend with my Key Club officers and the rest of the "mighty, mighty Florida District" of Key Club!  I'll be posting a full recap of the weekend either tomorrow or Tuesday, but today is a different kind of recap.
That's right!  The recaps of Best Body Bootcamp are back!

This week was Week 1 of the program.  I must say, I did not get off to a very strong start, mainly because of my travels this weekend.  I brought workout clothes, but after finding out that gym access wasn't included in the conference's hotel reservation, workouts didn't happen.  I couldn't run, either, because I'm still trying to get my knee back in order.

I only had three days of activity this time.
Monday: Workout A + fitness test
Tuesday: 2 mile run after dinner
Wednesday: Skipped the gym
Thursday: nothing (arrived at conference late)
Friday: nothing (found out that it'd be $20 to go to the gym during my stay)
Saturday: Race to Eliminate walk--We walked about 2 miles to raise money for the Eliminate Project (to vaccinate mothers and babies for maternal/neonatal tetanus throughout the world).
Sunday: nothing (nap/prepping for school/going to Winghouse for Wrestlemania with the husband)

Just like last time, there are two goals to set that give you credit toward the BBB prizes.  This time, I'll actually share those goals with you!

My first goal is to get to bed at a reasonable time (about 10:30 on weekdays, midnight on weekends).  Surprisingly, I actually met this goal while I was at the conference, but not when I was at home!  I had too much to prepare for Monday through Wednesday, and that cut in to my bed time.  I met this goal 4/7 days.

My second goal is to read my devotional before bed each night.  The exact opposite was true for this goal: I read my devotional Monday through Wednesday, but not once at the conference.  I also plan on reading it tonight, so that's 4/7 days.

Goals for Next Week
Things will finally be getting back to normal next week, so my main goal is to complete all the strenght workouts as well as two cardio workouts for 5 days of activity.  Also, I want to meet my goals 5/7 days.

Question for you: How was your week?  Any goals for next week?

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  1. Good job on meeting your bedtime goal, and reading devotionals three days is still good! I need to read mine more too, but this weekend fell by the wayside :(