Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Guess Who's Back

...back again.  Sorry, couldn't help the Eminem reference there.
Our four-legged friend Wewii!

His original owner was taking another dog back, and Wewii does not play well with other dogs.  He was going to put him down or give him away on Craigslist, and Joe and I decided that we couldn't let that happen.  We've taken him in as our own.  And yes, we are going to keep calling him by that silly name.  :)

Yesterday was the first day of Best Body Bootcamp Round 5!
I'm so excited to be starting this workout program again, as Tina's workouts are awesome.  There's also great incentives and support from other BBBers to motivate me to exercise.

I started off the first day (yesterday) by completing the fitness test first.  This is a way to track progress throughout the program, and here were my results:
I then completed Strength Workout A for my activity for the day.  The exercises worked the whole body and incorporated an element of balance for a little challenge.  Some of my favorite moves:

Surrender Squats (thanks, Jillian Michaels, for this move!--1:27 in the video)

Image Source
These moves were intense, but I loved the burn and the challenge.  I'm happy to see that I'm up to the challenge and actually ENJOYING it!  I love to see the growth in myself :)

Today, I wasn't planning on working out until I just got that urge to run after dinner.  So, I did a little stretching before heading out on a short run.  I was just going to do about 1.5 miles, but I added a little half mile stretch for a total of 2 miles.

I also made sure to stretch afterward.  My knee has still be bothering me a little bit (runner's knee maybe?), so I'm doing what I can to help it heal while still staying in shape.

Question for you: Are you doing Best Body Bootcamp?  If so, how'd you like Workout A?  If not, how do you plan your workouts?
Before BBB, I used workouts I found on other blogs, or I combine my favorite moves to create a workout for myself.


  1. I've wanted to start the bootcamp, but I never get around to it in time. Looks like your fit test went well though! And yay for the dog!! He will complete your life :)