Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mid-Week Checkin

After catching y'all up yesterday on my weekend, it's now time to catch up on this week!

We started the week off with a late night on Sunday.  Wrestlemania was on, which is like the "Super Bowl of wrestling" according to Joe.  We headed to Winghouse for some food and a free viewing of the show.
My favorite, John Cena, won his match, so I was excited.  I also had fun doing my little dances to each of the wrestlers' walk-out music.  Don't worry, I'm sure I'll share those on here sometime :)  It's how I entertain myself during the hours of watching these shows.

Ok, on to the usual stuff.

I posted yesterday about the keynote speaker from the Key Club conference, Josh Sundquist.  Well, l found a familiar face while flipping through the "Author Biographies" section of my daily devotional book.
Josh Sundquist wrote 4 devotionals for this book!  The first one is coming up in about 4 days, and I am really looking forward to reading it.

I feel like God may be trying to speak to me through him since he keeps popping up since that conference.  Not only did I really enjoyed his powerful message at the conference, but I also looked in to how I could get his book.  Now, he is sharing some words through my devotional book.  I'm looking forward to seeing what God may be trying to say to me through Josh!

Here's a little mid-week update on my workouts this week:

Monday: Joe and I took the dog out for a run as soon as we got home from work/school.  We explored a trail in our new neighborhood and really enjoyed the run.
One tired pup after our 2.3 miles
Tuesday: I was at a workshop all day in Deland, FL and grocery shopped on my way back in.  I didn't make it to the gym with the excuse of convenience..  Lucky for me, our landlord lives next door and has a bunch of weights on her back porch (she's also a personal trainer!).  I ran for 10 minutes around the neighborhood before using her weights for Workout C of Best Body Bootcamp.
I decided to do Workout C today because all that was needed was some dumbbells, which I knew I could find next door.  I also didn't get to do it last week and wanted to make sure to get in this strength circuit with added balance work.  I loved the moves and really feel like this round of BBB will help me improve my balance!

Wednesday:  Another late day at school (thanks to catching up after having a sub) led me to head straight home again.  This time, I decided to complete one of the Workouts of the Week that Amanda posts for the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.
I chose this workout to help strengthen the right muscles as I prepare to train for Half Marathon #2 (and potentially #3...more on that later).  I also added in some lower ab exercises.  Nice 30 minute at-home workout to get done while watching my usual Wednesday night comedies!

On the way to my workshop yesterday, I picked up a little morning pick-me-up.
I saw an advertisement for a new Mint Chocolate Chip flavored iced coffee, so that's what I went with. It was really very tasty, and the flavor stuck around for the entire drink.

I just went on their website and used their coffee customizer to check the ingredients/nutritional information.
Ok, so definitely not the best for you.  That just goes to show me that beverages really are a huge source of sugar.  I'll just stick to my black coffee in the morning and my water throughout the rest of the day...with an occasionally coffee treat or soda when the craving hits.

I find that when I crave one of those sugary drinks, it's better if I just have one than fight the craving.  Then, I wind up needing more and more and more to get the craving out of my head.

Question of the Day: How do you deal with food cravings (when/if you have them)?


  1. That's crazy that he wrote some of your devotionals! I'm excited to hear what they say! I've wanted to try that DD flavor too, looks delish!

    1. I'm excited to read them! And I highly recommend you try it :)

  2. Oh that runner stability exercises video looks right up my alley right about now! I'm coming back from an injury and don't want to screw anything up! Haha. And I must say, it might not be great for you but their Butter Pecan flavor is OUT OF THIS WORLD for when you need a special treat. :)

    1. It's a good one! it seems perfect for before/after runs to build strength in those hard-to-reach muscles