Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cast your Anxiety on Him

Good morning, everyone!  How's the week going?  I've bee having a hard time getting up in the mornings lately, but I think I can attribute that to my late bedtimes.  Need to work on that because this morning was ROUGH!

Today, I wanted to share an experience I had with God from this past weekend.  A friend shared something similar with me from this weekend, so I just feel like I need to talk about it on the blog today!

As I've told y'all, I am going to be in a play at church throughout the month of June.  The church I go to does monthly sermon series.  To go along with this month's series, a church member wrote a play to go along with the sermon each week.  I mentioned how I got involed in the play, and the more we practice, the more I know it's the right thing for me to be doing right now.
That doesn't mean that Sunday's first performance wasn't nerve-wracking!  I was having trouble with a few of the lines that really got to the point of the week's play, and I was so anxious about how the performance would go.  Right before the play, there was really nothing I could do about it other than pray.

I gave the performance over to God, asked Him to help me remember my lines but more importantly that He would use me to speak His word.  Well, there must have been a word He was trying to get to someone because I remembered all the lines!

That experience reminded me of two Bible verses I wanted to share with y'all today.
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As hard as it is to believe sometimes, God does care for us.  He does care about the things that worry us or cause us anxiety.  He wants us to give those to Him.  Jesus told us in Matthew 11 to take His yoke upon us, that is easy and light, instead of our own.  We are also told this by Paul in his letter to the Romans:
I believe that God is using me right now in this play at the church.  I believe that He is going to be working in the heart of someone watching it, and they will respond to it.  That's why I think my prayer was answered on Sunday morning.  He needed someone to hear my lines, and so I was able to remember them.  It's exciting for me to feel like I am a part of something He is doing!

So, if you are feeling anxious or worried by something, give it to God.  He will work for your good according to His will and purpose for your life.  He's got it all under control, so just let Him deal with it!

Question for you: How do you deal with anxiety or worries in your life?

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