Monday, June 16, 2014

World Cup Weekend + ZOOMA Training Week 3

Good morning, everyone!  Hope your Monday is off to a great start.  I have to lead a professional development session today, so I'm a little nervous.  At least I'm presenting WITH someone.

Looking back on this weekend, I spent A LOT of time watching soccer!  I'm getting a little ahead of myself, though.  Let's go day-by-day.

All day on Friday, I was at a teacher leader conference, which was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation!  While Bill wasn't there, they did send a great representative to speak to us: Irvin Scott.
He had so many good things to say about the state of education and the stances that the Foundation has on how to fix things.  I pretty much agreed with everything they said, and I really hope the higher-ups in my school district were listening!

The rest of the conference was ok, but the morning sessions were definitely the best.  Afterward, there was a little social gathering.  I stayed around for a little bit to talk to some of my teacher friends, and I wound up finding out that my boss was an Alpha Chi Omega, too!  We had a great little moment when we made that connection, and we even did the secret handshake.  So cool :)

After I got home, Joe and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant to watch one of the World Cup soccer games.  I had a good time watching the game and successfully went without a margarita (can't drink them thanks to the Advocare 24DC)!  Trust me, it's tough going to a Mexican restaurant without getting one of those tasty drinks!

I started Saturday off with a run!  I went for 2 miles, but at least it was something!

I'm really proud of myself for making exercise a priority early in the day on a Saturday!  I'm glad I did, too, because we spent the rest of the day at Joe's friend Mario's condo by the beach.  We grilled some food and watched three of the World Cup games.  Joe is really in to soccer, and I kind of even watching some of the games.

I also spent some of that time finishing up my Algebra Nation lessons.  I'd procrastinated finishing those, but luckily I got them all done by 8:00pm!

My whole Sunday morning was spent at church.  Sunday was Act 3 of the play, and despite a slightly rocky first performance, everything went well!  Poor Joe was sick in bed (I think he had a little food poisoning :(), but I found out the performances are posted to YouTube each week!  I'm glad he'll still get to see it (and hear the sermon, too!).  I'm still deciding whether or not to post them on here...let me know if you would like to see them!

Sunday afternoon was spent being lazy (and watching Weeds on Netflix) and getting a few chores around the house done.  I also went on a run on Sunday evening.  While I was running, I decided to listen to the podcast from North Point Community Church in Alpharetta, GA (the ones I used to listen to all the time).
I'm so glad I did, because Joseph, who works at their church, shared his story as the sermon.  It centered around him being bullied in school, and it broke my heart and made me praise God for this man's witness all at the same time.  It made the run go by so fast!
I had to run/walk because of the humidity, but I was pleased with how it went!  After the run, Joe and I just hung around preparing for the week ahead.

ZOOMA Half Marathon Training: Week 3
Surprisingly, you've already heard about my only two workouts from the week: my runs on Saturday and Sunday.  I transitioned to 10-hour work days for the next few weeks, and I wasn't quite used to the timeline of everything.  I've been considering waiting up early to get workouts in before work so I have no excuses.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Goal for this week: get in all three runs and at least one strength workout.  I think it's doable!

Question for you: Have you been watching any World Cup soccer games?


  1. YES to world cup. Right now I'm watchign the US/GHANA game- INTENSE!

    1. Oh, I know! I'm so happy USA won!!

  2. I love listening to North Point! Looks like you had a great weekend though! My husband is obsessed with soccer too, so I feel like the world cup has been going non stop in our house since it started!

    1. Ours, too. I think I'm actually starting to enjoy it!