Saturday, June 7, 2014

Stream of Consciousness Saturday 5

Good morning!  Since I didn't post yesterday (there's a reason for that...) I thought I'd stop by and say hey today, Stream of Consciousness Saturday style.  Basically I'll just share with you some random thoughts this morning.  I usually do this once a month, but I skipped over May for some reason.  Here we go!

1. So, yesterday was my 27th birthday!  I've had a little bit of a hard time with this birthday, as I'm now officially in my late 20's.  Scary!  HOWEVER, I celebrated in a pretty fun way!  My friend Krista was down at Disney World with the seniors from the school she teaches.  After the last day of school yesterday, I met up with her at Magic Kingdom.
It was lots of fun riding rides with her and her students--they're so much fun!  Sadly, Joe wasn't able to join because he had to work in the clinic until 6pm :(  We'll continue the birthday celebrations today!  Anyway, I'll include more photos of the Disney trip in the weekend recap :)

2. National Donut Day was on my birthday!  
Naturally, I HAD to stop by Dunkin' for an iced coffee and a free donut.  I hope you got one, too!

3. Yesterday was also the last day of school!  Even though I had to work until June 26th and then teach summer school after that (translation: no summer off for me), the last day of school is still pretty exciting.  I spent the day scouring over Algebra 1 EOC data and socializing with some of the teachers.  Good times!

4. June is my favorite month, and I'm so excited it's here.  Not only is it the month of my birthday AND Joe and my anniversary, but it's also the start of summer.  The weather is nice.  I don't know, June is just an exciting month for me.

5. I got my third StitchFix (referral link) this week!  The shirt I'm wearing in that picture from Disney was in there, and I'm keeping two other items from it.  I'm going to do a full review post this week, so stay tuned!  My third NatureBox (referral link) is on its way, as well, so I'm looking forward to whatever snacks they decide to send me this time.

6. Tequila cracks me up!  On Thursday, we were watching the beginning of Ice Age.  When she saw the squirrel on the TV, Tequila started watching intently, as if the squirrel was real!!
She is so funny.  Having a puppy is so much fun.

7.  I found this quote on someone's Twitter this week, and I just loved it.  So true!  I made it part of my work e-mail signature :)

Well, that's about it!  Time for me to take Joe to the dentist then continue the birthday celebrations :)  In case you're interested, here's other Stream of Consciousness Saturday posts:
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Question for you: Did you get a donut on National Donut Day?  What's your favorite month?  Does your pet think stuff on the TV is real?


  1. First of all, Happy birthday!! A birthday AND national donut day?? That's just awesome. Secondly, I can't get over what a small world it is, because I know Krista too! And her hubby! haha. Finally, I cant wait to hear about your StichFix review! I've been going back and forth over trying it out for awhile now, and every time I see a review I lean more and more towards yes! haha.

    1. I know, it really is a small world! Plus, Virginia is the best, so all the cool people are there :)
      The StitchFix review will be up tomorrow! I really, really love the service--you'll see tomorrow