Wednesday, June 11, 2014

What I'm Wearing Wednesday: StitchFix Review

Hey, everyone!  How is your day going?  I was feeling VERY lazy last night, so this post got a little delayed in posting.  Sorry y'all!

Today's post is worth it, though.  Usually on Wednesday, I post pictures of my meals for a day for What I Ate Wednesday.  Sadly, I've forgotten to take pictures of my meals this week.  Instead, I'm going to talk about my most recent StitchFix (referral link)!  So, I'm going to turn this in to a What I'm Wearing Wednesday post :)

I'd previously received two StitchFix's and loved them, so I was looking forward to this one.  If you're interested, here is my first StitchFix review.  This time, I asked for some fun summery clothes and some dangly gold earrings.  I was very pleased to see that my stylist listened and gave me exactly what I wanted!

I loved the first thing I tried on instantly.  This criss-crossed tank top is just my style, and I actually wore it the day after my Fix arrived!

They also sent me some white skinny jeans, which I loved.  As you can see, they would go great with that tank top!  The only problem is: I have long legs, and these were regular length.
Please excuse the crack in the mirror
Not quite a perfect fit.  I decided to send these back.

The next thing I tried on was a sheer, flowery tank top.
While I thought this was pretty cute, I just didn't see myself wearing this.  I'd have to wear a cami underneath, and the tank just came too low for that to look ok.  Still cute, though!

Last, I tried on an interesting printed top!
I thought it was a really cool top, but I was a little unsure about weather or not to keep it.  I wound up deciding to keep it.  I think it'd look great with a navy or a brightly colored pencil skirt.

The 5th item in my Fix was a pair of dangling gold earrings--just like I asked for!
I loved these and I don't have anything like them, so they were a definite keep!

This Fix was exactly what I asked for!  I just wish those jeans and the other tank would have fit.  When filling out the post-Fix survey, I scheduled my next fix for the end of August and I asked for some colored skinny jeans (long in length).  I hope they'll come through for me like they did this time!

If you are thinking about trying StitchFix, I highly recommend it!  Feel free to e-mail me if you have questions  about this really fun company.  I'd also LOVE IT if you would use my referral link if you're signing up for the first time :)

Question for you: Have you tried StitchFix before?  What's your favorite clothing store?


  1. What did you think about all the items price-wise. That's always my biggest hesitation, because I'm such a cheapskate! haha.

    1. Well, this Fix was a little more on the pricy side (the earrings were $30 I think). Sometimes, the items are a pretty good price, but others the items are more expensive than I'd like to pay (those skinny jeans I didn't get were $60-70, for example). They do let you give feedback about the price of each item in the survey, and I have noticed that they take that feedback into account when packing your next Fix. I understand the hesitation about the price, though! At least when you pay the $20 styling fee, they do take that out when you keep an item (makes me think I'm getting a discount since I already paid). You also get a discount if you keep all 5 items from your Fix. Hope that helped!

    2. How much was the long sleeve and printed shirt and what brand is it? I want to request it in my next fix!!!

    3. That one is Renee C and called the Landry Printed Cross-Front Blouse. It's $58