Wednesday, June 18, 2014

WIAW #35: Advocare 24DC Cleanse Phase

Well hey there!  How is your Wednesday going?  I'm down to 4 more days of work (including today), I'm in a good mood!  Plus, I'm spending Tuesday through Thursday learning all about how to use the TI-Nspire calculator to teach Geometry!
This calculator can do so many cool things.  I'm looking forward to sharing what I learned with my teachers!

Well, it's Wednesday, so it's time for another installment of....
Today, I thought I'd share what I've been eating during the Advocare 24 Day Challenge Cleanse Phase.  It finish up with that phase of the challenge today, but I've really had a lot of fun trying new things to fit with the nutritional guidelines of the program!

As always, shout out to Jenn, the creator of WIAW!  Head over to her blog to check out what WIAW is all about, and look at what other bloggers are eating!  Thanks for the link-up Jenn!

I've had to get really creative and out of my comfort zone for breakfast.  My usual cereal is not part of the nutritional plan (if you eat grain/wheat, it has to be whole wheat and not processed--bye bye cereal!).  So, I've been trying some different things.  I've had some overnight oats with berries mixed in, I've made the Meal Replacement Shakes from Advocare, blended with a handful of frozen fruit for an on-the-go breakfast,
I've made scrambled eggs with onions and peppers stirred in (that version isn't pictured, but here are some scrambled eggs I made),
I've made green smoothies,
and this morning I made a protein pancake using Julie's recipe.
I spread a light layer of peanut butter and topped it with defrosted frozen berries.  Delicious!!

Morning Snack
My morning snacks have consisted of fruit.  Advocare highly suggests lots of fruits during the Cleanse Phase.  I've used a pre-made fruit salad, but I've also just eaten an orange or an apple depending on what's in the fridge in the morning.

Each day, I've eaten a salad topped with tuna and black beans.

This is not out of the norm for me, so no big deal!  I'll also eat some baby carrots or other vegetable on the side.

Afternoon Snack
I've been either eating an apple, a handful of walnuts, or some sliced bell peppers for an afternoon snack.
I ate most of the pepper before taking this picture.  Oops!

I've been able to get creative with dinner throughout the Cleanse Phase.  Advocare recommends just lean protein and lightly cooked veggies.  Instead of using ground beef for some meals we usually make, I've been using ground turkey.  Here, I made turkey chili using this recipe.
That same blog has a long list of Advocare-friendly recipes, and I've also made the Herb Roasted Chicken and Sides and the Ground Turkey with Veggies from that list.  All good recipes!

There are lots of supplements to take during the Cleanse Phase!
They're designed to help the body move food through the body quickly, absorb nutrients better, and improve digestion.  I've certainly noticed that throughout the last 10 days!  The Cleanse Phase is also supposed to help you feel more mentally alter and a sense of well-being.  As weird as it sounds, I really have felt that way!  I am enjoying the way my body feels, and I hope to take things I've learned during this phase of the challenge and use them long after the 24DC is through.

Next up: The Max Phase, designed to help the body absorb maximum nutrition now that toxins and waste are out.

Question for you: Have you ever tried a cleanse/Advocare 24DC?  Do you try to "eat clean"?  If so, what's your favorite dish?

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  1. I really loved the eating on the 24DC. It wasn't totally out of the norm for me, but enough that I needed to get a little creative! Even now that I'm a month out, I have definitely held onto some of these principles, like the 6 small meals and lots of fruit!