Monday, June 30, 2014

Busy Weekend + ZOOMA Training Week 5

Good morning, everyone!  Today is a very special day in my and Joe's life.  Two years ago today, we got married!

Last year, I posted more pictures, so check them out if you are interested!  Today, we are planning to hang out on the beach and enjoy a nice dinner together.  Happy anniversary, Joe!  I love you so much and am so happy you are my husband :)  Here's to many, many more!

Ok, now on to a little weekend recap! It was a fun one between spending time in Gainesville with Joe's family, then coming back home and doing some fun things!

We started out Friday with a little hike around San Felasco park.
This is one of my favorite things to do in Gainesville!  Joe ran the 2.3 mile path while my mother-in-law, Tequila, and I walked the 1 mile path.  I had a great time catching up with her!  After we hiked, we enjoyed some subs at the picnic table.  Great way to start the day!

After that, we ran some errands around town before heading out to the horse farm to see Joe's grandmother.  She had arranged for use to have dinner with my father-in-law and step-mother-in-law, so we spent the afternoon and evening visiting with them and eating some good chili!

We got a lazy start to Saturday, which is just the way I like it!  About mid-day, I met up with my sister-in-law in to go to Painting with a Twist that just opened up in Ocala!  It's a 2 or 3 hour painting class where you can BYOB--pretty cool!  Plus, Katherine knows the owners of the studio, so we got the royal treatment when we arrived.
The studio is absolutely beautiful!  The owners told us that the franchise owner was there for their grand opening on Thursday and told them the other studios needed to step it up after seeing their place.
They led us step-by-step through the painting, and it was a lot of fun!  They make it so easy to follow that this non-artsy person can do it.  If I can do it, you can too!
Katherine's boyfriend's mom joined us, as well, and we all had a great time.  It was so cool to watch everyone's paintings come together and all of the unique touches each painting had!  I highly recommend checking out Painting with a Twist Ocala, or any other Painting with a Twist locations near you!
After we finished our paintings, Katherine and I hung around and talked for a while before I started the trip back home.  Joe had already made it home by the time I got there, and we decided to have a little dinner-and-a-movie date night!  We went to see 22 Jump Street (really funny--I recommend it!) and then had dinner at Red Robin to redeem my free birthday burger.  It was a really nice night spending time with Joe, laughing, and eating some good food.

The final act of the play was on Sunday morning, so I spent my morning at church.  I'm really sad that it's over, but I'm so thankful I had the opportunity to be a part of that!  Here's a still shot from Act 4.  I decided I will post the videos in a separate post later this week, in case anyone wants to watch them.
Talking about my sore cheeks from smiling in bridesmaid's pictures :)
After church, Joe and I watched the first World Cup game of the day (and I decided to nap at the end).  We then got some yard work done before the fun began in the evening!

We went to another Daytona Cubs baseball game and had a good time.  As I mentioned, Joe likes to heckle (all light-hearted and relatively funny heckling, mind you) the right fielder.
Yesterday, the right fielder wound up hitting a foul ball RIGHT where we were!  It was almost like he aimed it!  Of course, Joe had fun the next half inning asking the guy if he wanted the ball back :)  Oh, silly husband!  As always, we had a good time watching the baseball game.
Beautiful view as we left the stadium
Afterward, we headed over to a friend's house to watch the WWE pay-per-view.  It was a fun time of socializing, and Joe wound up predicting the winner of every single match.  He was so excited to win the $1-a-person bet we make on the matches :)

Well, that was just about our whole weekend!  We were really busy with lots of fun stuff, so it made the time go by quickly.

ZOOMA Training
Another week of training that didn't quite go as planned.   Let's look at what all I did this week.
Monday-rest day
Tuesday-3-mile run with negative splits
Wednesday-BodyPump class
Thursday-hour-long walk with my sister-in-law
Friday-1-mile walk with my mother-in-law
Saturday-rest/travel day
Sunday-rest/lazy day
Not exactly what I wanted, but I did get in my one strength session this week.  I also had a GREAT run on Tuesday and still got in some activity on Thursday and Friday.  

This week, my goal is going to be getting in my workouts in the morning.  We're going to be traveling the second half of the week, and if I can get the workouts in before our daily plans, I will be a happy gal.  As far as what those workouts are, I'm going to aim for 3 runs (including a long run), 1 strength session, and 1 yoga session.  I can do this, y'all!

Question for you: Have you every done a class like Painting with a Twist?  What was something fun you did this weekend?

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  1. I did one of those painting party things back in March, and had a great time!