Monday, June 23, 2014

Pet-Sitting Weekend

Oh wow, it's Monday again!?!  And, it's summer break, but I still have to work!?!  This is all so weird for me!  I've had a lot of time to rest this weekend thanks to a stomach bug, but I'm all better and ready to knock out these three work days!

Before I head off to work, though, let's take a look at this past weekend!

I was feeling much better from my sick day on Thursday, but I didn't want to push myself too fast.  I spent Friday on the couch watching TV, and I finally got to watch Frozen!  Oh man, those Disney movies get me every time.  Tequila watched with me, and she was really fascinated with Olaf the snowman!
Enthralled with Frozen
Joe made sure to take care of me throughout the day with ginger ale, soup, and toast when I was hungry.  What a guy :)

Joe and I were dog sitting for one of his friends, so my morning was spent chasing Tequila and Fin around.
These dogs were EXHAUSTING!  They were non-stop playing for the whole day, so much so that we had to put them in separate rooms so that they wouldn't wear themselves out!
Finally taking a break!
I also had play practice at church in the afternoon, and on the way over, I stopped by another friend's house to check on her bunny!  I have to stop in every few days while our friend is out of town for break, and this time the bunny Marshmellow let me pet him!

Play practice went well, and afterward, I continued to rest on the couch while the dogs played around.  I made some progress on my book, too, which is getting really interesting!

In the evening, I got to meet up with one of my sorority sisters Meredyth!  She was in town with her boyfriend, so we met at Ocean Deck, a bar on the beach, for some music, fireworks, and catch-up time.
I had a blast, and I'm so, so glad I got to see Meredyth!

I spent most of the day on Sunday at church.  I performed Act 4 (I must say, it was my favorite so far) of the play at both services, and afterward we had practice for the 5th act.  At around 2, we finished up, and I was SO READY to head home and eat!

I wound up taking a nap (I guess I was more exhausted than I thought!), but I woke up just in time for the USA vs. Portugal World Cup soccer match.  I don't know if y'all watched, but MAN what an exciting game!  I really thought we were going to win, but hey, a tie will do.  I was really surprised how in to the game I got.  I'm definitely a bandwagon soccer fan, but that's ok!

The rest of the evening, I continued to relax and get mentally ready for getting back to work.  Overall, a great weekend!  Lots of pets to watch, but still a lot of fun AND rest was had :)  I'm glad I'm back on my feet and feeling better!

Workouts This Week
Well, I was really on my way to a good week of workouts.  I went to hot yoga on Tuesday, and when I got home from work on Wednesday, I was really ready to go for a run.  BUT, then I got a stomach bug.  I hate that I missed ANOTHER week of training for the ZOOMA Chicago race, but I needed to take care of my body.

This week is a new week, so I'm going to set the same goals: get in all 3 training runs this week, at least 1 strength workout, and at least 1 yoga session.

Question for you: Do you pet-sit for people often?  Did you watch the USA vs. Portugal soccer game?

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  1. I'm glad you're at least feeling better! Looks like you had a good, relaxing weekend. Sometimes those are definitely needed!