Saturday, March 15, 2014

Stream of Consciousness Saturday 3

When I logged in this morning, I realized that my post from Thursday never published!  I could have sworn it did...I even tweeted out about it!  Oh well, guess I'll save it up for next week.

Sometimes, I just feel like talking about random things that come to my mind on Saturday.  That's what we're going to do today.  Here are the other Stream of Consciousness Saturdays if you want to check them out:
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1. Yesterday was Pi Day, a math nerd's favorite holiday (3/14...3.14...get it?)!  We had our monthly instructional coaches meeting, so the math coaches lead the other coaches through a series of activities about the number Pi and it is calculated.  We all work fun Pi t-shirts
and had group texts throughout the day of funny Pi pictures.
Image Source
From @questnutrition on Instagram
What a fun day :)

2. Three of Joe's good friends graduated from Palmer yesterday!  They were a part of the tour guide group he's in, so we've been celebrating with them all week.  On Wednesday, the group had their graduation dinner,
and then last night, we went to dinner with Rachel, her family, and Sean (one of the other graduates).
Can't wait to tell y'all about that dinner in tomorrow's weekend recap.  SO GOOD.

3. I got to teach some classes again on Thursday, and it was a lot of fun!  I do miss being in the classroom, but I also like the role that I'm in now.

4.  On Monday morning, I thought I'd lost my wedding and engagement rings!!  I put them in a side pocket of my purse while we helped move my mother-in-law on Sunday, but they weren't there on Monday morning.  I knew they were in my purse when we were on our way back home, so I checked the grass near the car.  I quickly found my wedding ring, but no luck with the engagement ring.  I searched for 20 minutes, then had to go to work.  When I got home, I started looking again.  It didn't take me long to find it in the little "cubby hole" (can't think of a better word for it) on the passenger door of the car!  Thank goodness!
5.  Spring Break starts this week!  We have three regular days, a teacher duty day, then Friday it starts!  So exciting :)

6.  Speaking of Spring Break, we will be going up to Washington, DC with my mother-in-law and sister-in-law!  We'll meet up with my parents, aunt and uncle, and some of Joe's cousins while we're there, and it's going to be a good trip.  In fact, we just got word yesterday that we are scheduled for a White House tour!  As many times as I've been to DC, I've never been to the White House.

7.  Speaking of our trip, I need to make a rough schedule for it!  It's tough to plan because there's so much to see, and my mother-in-law has never been to DC before.

8.  Also on the schedule today: major cleaning and errands.  We have very little food in our house right now, and it's also a mess.  Great way to spend a Saturday!

Question for you: Any suggestions as to what we should do in DC?  Did you celebrate Pi Day?  How are you spending your Saturday?

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