Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend and SBBC Week 1 Recap

Hey, everyone!  It's Tuesday already?!?  I'm losing track of days due to Spring Break (last time I'll mention it, not trying to rub it in!).  Plus, we are in Gainesville right now before heading up to Washington, DC tomorrow, so I'm out of my normal routine. 

Ok, let's talk about the weekend.

I started my day by watching some How I Met Your Mother Season 9 online.  I can't believe I only have 7 episodes left in the series!

I then ran some errands before heading to see Divergent!  I was so excited for the movie, but I gotta say, I was disappointed.  They took some liberties with movie, and I don't think it added much to the story.  Plus, I thought that Shaileen Wooley didn't quite play Tris' character as it was described in the book.  However, I will still probably go see the other movies.  Hopefully they'll be a little better!

When Joe came back from his Boards exams, I had some dinner ready for him: Parmesan and Sage Crusted Pork Chops!  Yum!  We then watched Hunger Games: Catching Fire.  Now, THIS movie I enjoyed!  Joe wasn't a fan since it was more of a set-up-for-the-next movie, but I thought it was great!  Stayed true to the book, and I LOVED this arena for the games!

Joe finished up his Boards in the morning, while I took it easy in the morning.  We are lunch together, then headed to the beach for a little bit.
An interesting way to read!

We then met up with Joe's friend from high school Brent for some Mexican food and some catch-up time.

After that, we spent the rest of the afternoon and evening with some of Joe's friends from class.  They were celebrating the end of Part 2 boards with a cook out, and we had a lot of fun enjoying the nice weather, some summery beverages, and great company!  Lots of fun!

I started Sunday off with a 5k race-the Houligan's sAin't Patty's Day Sandpiper 5k, put on by the Daytona Beach Track Club.  
I was feeling a little off after the sangria from the night before, so the race didn't go as I wanted it to.
Still nice to get out there and run a 5k--I haven't done that since last St. Patty's!  Will post a full race recap soon.

Next up, Joe and I packed up for the week before heading to Orlando for an Atlanta Braves spring training game!  The Braves won, and Joe and I had a great time watching our team!!
We finished the day driving to Gainesville and spending the evening with Joe'ss fiend from high school Noah.  Great company, and a nice relaxing evening!

Spring Bootie Buster Challenge Week 1
This past week was the first week of the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.  You earn points for every 10 minutes of activity, plus 1 point for drinking 64+ ounces of water each day and 1 point for eating 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies (freggies as we call them).
Image Source
Let's look at the workouts from this week.
Monday-BodyPump Class (60 mins=6 points)
Tuesday-3ish mile run, my phone died so I don't know the exact distance! (30 mins=3 points)
Wednesday-things got a little crazy, and I missed my workout.
Thursday-rest lazy day
Friday-planned rest day
Saturday-lazy day
Sunday-5k run (31mins=3 points)

I only got in 2 days of freggies (fruits + veggies), but I did drink 64+ ounces of water on 5 of the 7 days.
Total Points: 19
Goal for next week: Being out of my routine usually makes it hard for me to stick with my workouts.  I want to stick to my half marathon training plan by getting in my 3 runs this week and at least 2 stength training workouts.  May be tough while traveling, but I'm prepared!

Question for you: What did you do this weekend? What's a goal you have this week?

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  1. Your day at the beach looks seriously magical!!! It is still so cold and snowy here in Toronto!