Monday, March 10, 2014

Weekend and Workout Recap: 3/9/14

How is it Monday already?!?  This weekend FLEW by, and losing an hour of it may have something to do with it!  Did everyone remember to spring forward yesterday?  Or did your cell phone just do it for you?  I don't fully trust technology, so I turned on CNN on Sunday morning to make sure my phone did adjust the time :)
This weekend started out like it normally does--Mexican food for dinner on Friday!  We went with some friends Joe met at school, and we then headed to a bar for a few beers and some catch-up time.  

We had a lazy Saturday morning before heading to Joe's mom's house to help her move.  She decided to retire in the last month, as well as sell her house to move to her parent's horse farm.  We got there in the afternoon and helped with some packing.  This included some time to look at old photos.  Check out this one of baby Joe with his sister Katherine!
SO CUTE!  After coming to a good stopping point, we went to grab a very late dinner with a few of Joe's childhood friends.  I ordered a margherita flatbread pizza, which was very tasty!  We had a good time catching up with them and hearing about all of the most recent shenanigans--they always have the greatest stories!

I woke up early on Sunday and was able to enjoy some coffee and relaxation time before the long day ahead.  The rest of our day was spent finishing up the packing, loading two trailers, and moving the MIL's things.  We were so thankful for Joe's friends that helped.

We finally got back home around 10 on Sunday night, and it was time to relax after the past two jam-packed days (haha moving pun!).

This Week's Workouts
I had a good week of workouts this week!  Let's see what all I did:
Sunday: 3-mile run with Joe on the beach
Monday: The Bachelor Women Tell All-themed workout
Tuesday: Hot yoga with my friend Cacie
Wednesday: A 3-mile treadmill tempo run plus an old Best Body Bootcamp workout
Thursday: rest day
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 2-mile run, focusing on maintaining a faster pace.  I succeeded with a 9:42 split pace for BOTH miles!
I'm proud of myself for completing two strength workouts, as I plan to incorporate much more strength training into my regular workout routine.  It helped me improve my half marathon time before the RnR VB race, and I'm hoping that the next half I run will be a PR (more on that later this week ;)).

Question for you: What did your weekend and/or workouts this week look like?  How did you handle losing an hour of sleep/your weekend?


  1. Losing sleep for DST definitely stinks! It's amazing how much of a difference just one hour makes! I'm still struggling today! My workouts this week were kind of all over the place, thanks to the snow at the beginning of the week. But I got in 3 training runs, along with a strength training workout, and an Insanity workout. So all-in-all, not too shabby! Looks like a great week of training for you!

    1. I would say that's a great week of training too :) DST is definitely tough...especially after staying up late to watch The Bachelor tonight!