Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I'm Running Wednesday

Well, it's Wednesday, but I haven't taken any pictures of my food.  No WIAW for me this week :(  Instead, I thought I'd do my own little twist for today...

I mentioned recently that I've been signing up for races like CRAZY!  Part of that is due to the 14 in 2014 challenge, where I've committed to running 14 races in 2014.  You could choose 14 races of a specific distance, but I went for a variety of distances with my races.  It's more fun that way!

Also, living in Florida, it's tough to find races after the end of April.  It gets too hot, and there aren't many organized races nearby for me to run.  So, I feel like I've had to sign up for a ton of races (particularly half marathons) way far in advance so that they don't fill up!

Here's what my race calendar looks like (so far) for this year:

-Houligan's sAint Patty's Day Sandpiper 5k-March 23-The St. Patty's Day 5k I ran last year is not happening this year, so I found another one to sign up for.  This one is put on by the Daytona Beach Track Club, and I look forward to running it!
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-Palmer Healthy Heart 10k-April 12-I was supposed to run this 10k the week after the Princess Half Marathon, but it got rescheduled.  I'm glad it did, because I'm not sure that I could have run another race after two half marathons two weeks in a row!
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-Lake Minneola Half Marathon-April 26-I've heard good things about this race, and I'm looking to PR during it.  I'm working in more strength training and speedwork runs in order to do so!
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-Lighthouse Loop Half Marathon-October 26-I ran this race last year, and I'm looking forward to running it again!  I actually dealt with some pain last year, so I'm looking for redemption this next time!  Plus, I signed up on the day registration opened, so I got a cheap price :)
In last year's race shirt
-Disney's Wine and Dine Half Marathon-November 8-This is a night race, so I'm looking forward to the challenge that will present!  It's also an anniversary year for the race (5th year!), so the medal should be pretty awesome.  I THINK I'll have some company for this race, as one of my co-workers told me she wanted to run it this year!  I'm also already planning my costume, which just might involve a Sparkle Skirt :)
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-Women's Running Series Half Marathon, St. Petersburg, FL-November 23-I signed up for this race at the Disney Princess Expo.  You got a $15 discount, so I thought, "why not?"  The medals for this race series are pretty awesome, and the course for this race is right along the water.  I'm pretty excited to try this new race series!
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-Space Coast Half Marathon-November 30-Another new-to-me race series!  I tried to get in on this one last year, but the sign-up was full when I tried :(  Thank goodness I signed up the day registration opened, because the Half Marathon filled up THAT SAME DAY!  The Space Coast race series is offering special medals if you complete 3 and/or all 5 of the Big Band Series races (from 2013 to 2017), so I'm sure sign-ups will be like that again for 2015!  I guess I'll go for the 3-year medal :)
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Other races I'm considering:
-Another local 5k ON St. Patrick's Day (I better hurry up and decide!)
-A local Easter Run 4-miler (haven't done that distance since July!)
-A Rock 'n Roll Half Marathon (potentially Seattle or maybe Virginia Beach again)
-Mickey's Jingle Jungle 5K (the morning of the Wine and Dine Half)

These races I've signed up for will put my 14 in 2014 total up to 9 (that includes the Daytona Half and Disney Princess Half I've already completed).  I'll have a few more races to fit in, but I think I'll be able to do it (especially if I register for the races I'm considering)!

Question for you: What are YOU running this year?  Give me some ideas to help me finish out my 14 races :)

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