Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend and Workout Recap 3/16

Hey, guys!  How's your Sunday going?  It always surprises me how fast the weekends go by, but here we are again.  We've had a pretty good weekend, so I wanted to share that with y'all, as well as how my workouts went this week.

After work on Friday, Joe and I headed to a fancy restaurant to celebrate his friend Rachel's graduation.  We'd never been to Martini's before but instantly fell in love with the outdoor setting Rachel reserved!
We shared some drinks and great conversation for a while before ordering dinner.
The food was SO GOOD!  Martini's changes their menu seasonally so that they are only serving the freshest foods possible.  The beef is grass-fed, the seafood is line-caught, and you can tell all of that when you take a bite!
I ordered lemon pepper salmon served over couscous and some vegetables.  It was a really delicious combinations!  Joe had the filet and enjoyed it, as well.  We don't often go out to eat at restaurants like this, but it was a really lovely evening with some great company.  Definitely a place we will go back to for another special occasion!
Joe with two of his friends that graduated, Rachel and Sean
Saturday was a very lazy day for me!  However, I did get some things done around the house, bought a new comforter for our bed, and got in a run.
I hadn't had enough water or food before this run, so I had to stop.  I did walk the rest of the way home at a good pace, and it was nice to get outside in the nice weather!

In the evening, Joe studied while I cleaned out the DVR.  We then watched some episodes of Dexter on Netflix (that's our new watch-together show) and called it a night.

On Sunday, we tried out a new church with one of Joe's friends from school.  I really felt like God brought us there today for a reason, and I'm so thankful that we got out of bed this morning and attended this service!

The rest of the day has been spent getting more things done around the house, with some laziness mixed in.  I've got three regular days then a teacher duty day before Spring Break, so I am feeling the need for relaxation already!

This Week's Workouts
I followed up last week's strong week of workouts with a not-so-great one.
Sunday: Functional workout in the form of helping my mother-in-law move
Monday: rest lazy day
Tuesday: Hot Yoga
Wednesday: planned rest day
Thursday: rest lazy day
Friday: planned rest day
Saturday: 2.25 mile run with about a half a mile walk.

I think the time change and arriving home late on Sunday kind of threw off my sleep schedule for the week, which led me to more laziness throughout the week.  This week, though, I'm looking forward to turning that around, especially because the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge starts tomorrow!
You can still sign up for this challenge until Wednesday!  I highly recommend that you do--it's a great way to keep yourself accountable to healthy eating and activity during the spring.

Question for you: What's the fanciest meal you've had in a while?  Did the time change mess up your workouts this week, too?

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