Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Diet tip of the Day: I bought Complete Book of Beginning Running by Amby Burfoot, executive editor of Runner's World magazine, which has a lot of great information about starting to run as a lifestyle.  I consulted the book before heading to the grocery store today for some healthy snacks/meals, and I learned something new about carrots.  It said that while carrots are low calorie, they are also very filling, making them a great late-evening snack if you just feel the need to munch on something.  I have always enjoyed snacking on carrots, and now I see why!  I made sure to restock my supply today and plan on snacking on some later!

Today's Training:  I was schedule for a 2 mile run, but I was really feeling it today.  It was a comfortable temperature, the sun was setting on the palm trees, and I really just got in the groove.  I wound up going 2.4 miles by running for 4 minutes then walking for 1 minute.  From everything I've been reading, alternating running and walking helps build up endurance, which is definitely something I need to be doing if I'm going to finish 13.1 miles!

Faith Find:  Thankfully, the rain held off this evening.  I prayed that I would be able to complete my run in this unpredictable Florida weather, and God-willing, I got it in.  I decided to listen to Jennifer Knapp's album Kansas.  It's an oldie, but DEFINITELY a goodie!  I've listened to those songs over and over and over again, but something new was revealed to me today.  The bridge in "Martyrs and Thieves" ends with these lyrics:
"Could it be that my worth should defend
by the crimson-stained grace on a hand?
And like a lamp on a hill, Lord, I pray in Your will
to reveal all of You that I can"
I've been having a tough time with a co-worker, and I was praying at the beginning of my run that I may be a witness to her and that in my dealings with her, I would reveal God.  These lyrics really struck me when I heard them.  It's hard for me to reveal God if I'm just trying to do it on my own.  It's crazy how God uses a song I've listened to so many times to relate to my situation now.  Again, praise God for speaking to me!

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