Monday, September 10, 2012

Day One=Success!

Well, I met my goals for day one!  I read my devotional this morning, ate a very healthy diet, and I completed my 2 mile run/prayer time.  To be honest, I was so excited about starting to train for this half and dive back in to my spiritual disciplines that I couldn't sleep last night!

Diet tip of the day: I really don't eat much protein on a regular basis, so I decided to add some to my lunch.  I usually make a salad to take to school with me, and today I topped it with tuna for an added protein punch!  I plan on continuing this, as well as adding hard-boiled egg to mix things up (once I get to the grocery store for more eggs).

Today's Training: I was scheduled for a 2-mile run, and my goal was to run for the duration of the route.  I like the start of this run, where I run around a lake in a really pretty neighborhood.  The last half is also through a really pretty neighborhood, and it's relatively flat.  Major downside is that I had to cross a major road two different times.  This really slowed my time down, but I did run in place as I waited at the crosswalk.  I ran 23:47, which is much slower than I usually run.  I'm not too worried about the pace right now, though, as I really just want to get in the training routine!

Faith Find: Today was a great day to really focus on prayer throughout the day.  I'm really glad I did, because there was a situation today that I needed God's help with.  A situation came up where I wound up being correct about something I'd had a disagreement with a co-worker earlier in the school year.  I wanted to go to my teacher friend, Danielle, at school and point it out.  I realized, though, that I would be boasting and prideful.  I prayed that God would help me resist the urge to do so, and luckily I did!  Praise God for being reliable!

Those are a few brief thoughts on the day.  Tomorrow is a strength training workout (I'm thinking of doing a circuit workout from this blog that I'm really becoming obsessed with), and hopefully Joe will go to the gym with me!

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