Sunday, September 23, 2012

From Thursday: Cheetos + Running Errands + Weird

So sorry for my lack of blogging this week!  I've been out of my training schedule and haven't exactly wanted to share that :-x  Here's a post I started on Thursday, and I'll be back later with today's post after my 3.5 mile run!

Diet Tip of the Day: I've been trying to cut out junk foods from my diet (except for the cheat day), but I gave in to my weakness.  Cheetos.  I had a rough day today, and for some reason I just sat on the couch and wanted Cheetos.  I ate, and ate, and ate.  It was delicious, but then my stomach wasn't happy with me.  After cutting out most of those processed foods, my stomach had processed-food-overload.  Definitely made getting off the couch very challenging!

Today's Training: Shin splints have been bringing me down this week, and I've skipped out on my strength training days.  I even cut my running workout short on Tuesday, so I knew I had to get out and do something today.  I live within a mile of my bank, and I had a check I needed to deposit.  So, I grabbed my music, the dog, and my checks and literally ran an errand to the bank!  I took one of my favorite running routes (which includes a lake and a beautiful neighborhood) and stopped by the bank as I completed my run.  I did a lot more walking than usual, but my shin splints didn't plague me too much!

Faith Find: I began reading Weird by Craig Groeschel, a book I found by chance a few weekends ago.
The color caught my eye (how pretty is this book?!), but the description on the back of the book is what made me purchase it: "Journey with author and pastor Craig Groeschel as he shares a Christ-centered philosophy, on everything from money to scheduling to purity, that will help you break out of the normal rut and live according to the rhythms of God's grace and the truth of his Word."  How perfect is that?  I'm looking forward to reading Craig's insights on living a Christ-centered life everyday, and so far, I think this book is just what I need to get back on track with my faith!  It's crazy how God speaks to us!

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