Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lean Cuisine + TV Workouts + Prayer for Others

Today's spirit day theme was Character/Super Hero day.  Can you guess who I was?
Katniss Everdeen from Hunger Games!

I'll keep sharing my spirit week outfits for the next two days.  Tomorrow is Twin Day...I've got an interesting little outfit planned for that!

Ok, on to my regular post...

Diet Tip of the Day
Whenever Joe is out of town, my favorite thing to make for dinner is a Lean Cuisine!
My favorite Lean Cuisine: Tortilla Crusted Fish
While some may argue that they aren't too healthy due to the sodium content (find nutritional information on their website), I think they are a delicious, filling way to eat a balanced meal.  Most of them include a protein source and vegetables or fruit, and they are incredibly satisfying!  Plus, it's the perfect portion size for one and very easy cooking and clean up.  No wonder I always eat them when it's just me on my own.

Today's Training
I haven't officially set my training schedule for the week yet, but I decided it would be a strength training day.  I skipped out on just about all of my strength training days last week, so I wanted to make sure to include them in my training this week.  I also wanted to watch Dancing with the Stars, so I was extremely pleased to remember this website I pinned:
Since these workouts don't really go along with the results show, I created this workout:
DWTS Results Show workout

So this was pretty intense!  I realized quickly that 20 squats per "dance from last night," I would do 60-80 squats in about 2 minutes, so I changed it up.  I did 20 squats for the first dance, 20 reverse crunches for the second, then 20 lunges (10 per leg) for the third.  Everything else worked out nicely, but I may switch up the exercises next week, maybe including some cardio for the less-common occurrences or switching off with push-ups/cardio for the "safe" announcement.  Overall, I'm glad I watched the show AND got my strength training workout in for the day!

Faith Find
I've found that praying for others today is really relaxing to me.  As much as I care about my friends, want the best for them, and worry about them when things aren't going their way, I feel as though I'm actually doing something to help them in their times of need when I'm praying for them!  I prayed for my friend Jen as I mentioned yesterday (keep praying that her interview tomorrow will go well!), and I also prayed for a friend that I just caught up with today.  I usually do pray for my friends, but it's nice to know of their specific needs and to lift those up in name.  I want to be more intentional about asking my friends if they have things they'd like me to pray for.  I'd love to pray for you, too, so please let me know if you have a prayer request by leaving it in the comments :)

That's it for today!  I spent a lot of time at school today, so I'm ready for some me time for a little bit before bed :)

Question for the day:

  • Is there something that I can pray for you about?  
  • Did you try my DWTS workout?  How'd you like it?  Any suggestions?

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