Monday, September 24, 2012

Smoothies + Trusting God

Today was the first day of spirit week at school, so before I start with today's regular blog, here's a little photo of me as a senior citizen:

I had an eyeglasses chain, as seen in this picture from the morning, but I left it at school:

I LOVE dressing up for spirit week, and I'm really excited about my costume for tomorrow's character/superhero day (I'm taking the character approach).

Diet Tip of the Day:  I don't know what it is about the husband leaving that makes me want to eat poorly, but I pigged out today and didn't have a very good healthy eating day.  So, here's a post-run smoothie I made yesterday after my run:
Berry Fruity Protein Smoothie
To make, I used:
  • 1/2 cup 1% milk
  • 5 whole frozen strawberrys
  • 5 whole frozen blackberries
  • 5 pieces frozen pineapple chunks
  • 1/2 scoop strawberry protein powder
I could taste the protein powder pretty strongly, so I think next time I'll use 1/4 scoop of the protein powder.  It was a great way to refuel after my long run yesterday, and I'm sure my bones appreciated the calcium!

Today's Training: REST DAY!  My shins really appreciated it.  They are feeling much better and are preparing for another week of training!

Faith Find: I heard from my good friend Jen today that she received a phone interview for a job she really wants.  I was so happy for her, and then she told me this: "We had decided God wasn't ready for us then I got the call."  Isn't that always the way it happens?  Just when we decide that it's not God's will and trust God that it's time to move on, He rewards our faithfulness!  What a blessing that we learn to fully trust Him, and that He really does show us what His will for our lives is.  Join me in praying for Jen and her interview on Wednesday.  She and her husband would very much appreciate it!

Well, time to get back to watching Dancing with the Stars!  Some questions for you today:

  • Did you participate in spirit week at your high school?  If so, what was your favorite theme day?
  • What is your favorite post-run snack/recovery drink?
Leave your answers in the comments!  I'd love to hear from you :)

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