Monday, September 10, 2012

Twas the night before training...

Thanks to a Facebook post by a sorority sister, I learned that Disney has an annual Princess Half Marathon.  After looking over the website about the race, I decided that I am going to run this race on February 24, 2013.  The more I read about training for a race like this, the more diet comes in to play.  I've also decided that I will commit myself to a more healthy diet while allowing myself to indulge one day a week.

I've also been feeling a need to re-ignite my faith.  After the move, I haven't found a steady church home and have let my regular religious practices go a little bit.  I have no excuse for this other than the lack of prioritizing.

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my 24-week half marathon training.  It also marks the beginning of my rededication to practicing my faith each and every day.  I have decided that as I run, cross train, and strength train, I will use that as a time of prayer.  I am also committing myself to daily devotion, both in the morning over breakfast and Bible reading/study before I go to sleep.

I'm committing myself to God both mentally and physically.  He gave me this body and this life, and I need to use it in a way that is pleasing to Him.  This is the beginning of this journey, and I hope to update this blog regularly with my workout for the day and my reflections on my time with Him.  Whether anyone reads this or not, I want to keep this updated for myself so that I can look back and remind myself about my excitement to begin this program for myself!  I'm hoping that starting this routine now will carry on after the race and extend to others

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