Saturday, September 15, 2012

Outback + Half Run + Hebrews 12:1

Diet Tip of the Day:  It's Joe's birthday today, so we went to Outback for dinner.  I LOVE the appetizers there, but I vowed I'd order off the under 600 calorie menu, not finish my meal, and only eat a small slice of bread (no appetizer).  Surprisingly, I met my goal!  I didn't even want any of the cheese fries Joe ordered, I had one slice of bread, and thoroughly enjoyed my salmon and broccoli, but left enough for another meal.  As far as I'm concerned, this is a great way to eat out at a restaurant yet still stick to my diet.

Today's Training:  My original schedule said to do a long run today (3 miles), but I didn't keep up with my Thursday or Friday schedule.  I took the dog for a run, thinking he'd help me run 3 miles.  Sadly, he cut my run in half.  I changed my run into the "easy run" for the week, running for 1.5 minutes, then walking for a minute.  I made it 1.5 miles.  I learned two things while on this run:
1. I learned not to go running after drinking two cups of coffee.
I love reading and drinking coffee on Saturday mornings (or any day, really), but that does not make for a good run!  I even drank two glasses of water before going, but my stomach was not too happy when I was about 1.5 miles in to the run.  While I enjoyed getting my run out of the way in the morning, I'll have to do that before drinking my coffee for the day.
2. Don't take a crazy dog with you when he doesn't do well around other dogs or cats/squirrels.  I had to stop quite a few times today due to his inability to control himself around 4-legged critters.  It's tough to get running around after having to drag him away from another dog.
I was quite annoyed that I cut my run in half, but at least I got out and did something!  I also threw in some core exercises to throw in some strength training that I missed this week.  I plan on moving my long run to tomorrow, so hopefully I can make the 3 straight miles!

Faith Find: After two days of falling off on my faith commitment, I prayed throughout my run but wasn't fully trusting in my ability to finish my 3 miles.  I made it back home and decided to spend some time in the Word instead.  My verse for the week was Hebrews 12:1, the theme verse for this blog.  I spent some time reading verses before and after, and I made some great connections and learned a lot about the context of that verse.  I learned that I need to fix my eyes on Jesus, both in my running training and in my everyday life.  I'm looking forward to the implications of my study today each and every day of my life.

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