Saturday, September 15, 2012

Playing Catch-up

Lack of blogging the past two days, mainly due to the fact that I wasn't on track with my training schedule.

The plan was to do another strength training workout, but due to all the grading I had to do this week, I opted for some social time with Joe and his friends.  We went out to Tijuana Flats, a restaurant that serves free beer when you buy food on Thursdays.  I didn't partake in the beer, but I did order off of the "Under 500 calories" menu.  I figured that'd go along with my eating healthy initiative.

Again, my goal was an easy run with intervals.  I was planning on running for about 1 minute, then walking for a minute for 2 miles.  Instead, I changed Friday into a rest day and a cheat day.

Diet tip of the Day:  A reason many people fail in their dieting is that they go "cold turkey" with sweets, carbs, foods they love, etc.  That, or they have to limit themselves to nothing but a certain food. Joe's cousin and her husband told me about a diet they were doing where they had one day where they didn't have to follow their diet.  They said it made the diet so much easier to follow knowing they had one day to eat whatever they wanted.  So, I've decided to add a cheat day into my diet.  Friday was my first cheat day, and I did enjoy chips and salsa, margaritas, and ice cream in the evening.  It definitely made the lack of these foods during the week worth it.

I think one of the reasons I lacked motivation to train these past two days is I didn't do much as far as reigniting my faith.  Yes, I read my morning devotions, but I didn't open my day with prayer and continue that conversation throughout the day.  Quite convincing proof that relying on myself is not going to help me get through this schedule.

I'll be back later to talk about today, which is going much better so far :)  Now, I've gotta watch the rest of this VT game and hope they can come back to win it!

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