Monday, February 25, 2013

Best Body Bootcamp Week 7 Recap

Hey, everyone!  Hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I'm here now to recap my Week 7 of Best Body Bootcamp.  We began Phase 4, which focused on power sets (one strength move + 20 seconds of cardio).

This week had some different types of workouts.  With the half marathon on Sunday, I wanted to make sure I wasn't sore .  Therefore, I did one strength workout on Tuesday and that was it.  I also ran on Monday and took walks on Thursday and Saturday to keep my legs loose.  Then, on Sunday, I ran 13.1 (well, probably 11.6 and walked 1.5).  I'm so proud of myself!

I LOVED the power sets and look forward to those workouts this week!

I actually stretched 5 days this week!  I really focused on that this week, as I wanted to prevent injuries and keep my body lose for the race.

As for goal 2, well...not so much.  With all the moving and going out of town this weekend, I just didn't get it done.  Oh well, going for it this week!

Highlight of the Week
My highlight was FINISHING MY FIRST HALF MARATHON!!  While I didn't quite get the time I wanted, I ran most of the way, except for at the water stations.  I'll post a race recap later today/tomorrow, but I had a great time.
Repeat from yesterday, but I'm proud of myself!
Goals for Next Week
-Recover from the half marathon by doing 2 easy runs.
-Meeting BOTH goals at least 5/7 days
-Enjoy the last week by doing all three strength workouts.

I'll be back either later today/tomorrow to post about my weekend!  I've got a pretty long to-do list with all the unpacking and some grading to do, so a post later tonight is unlikely.

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