Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Family Run + Lent

Happy Wednesday!  This week is just flying by for me, probably because of all the moving/packing we've been doing this week.  We're hoping to be completing in by the end of the weekend.  After we put everything together, I'll share some pictures with you :)
Joe and I weren't too busy to get some cardio in today!  We went for a 2 mile run together and brought the dog along with us.
My Garmin didn't register the satellites until about half a mile in to the run.  I love running with Joe and Wewii because they encourage me to run at a faster pace.  I hung with them, and we averaged under a 10-minute mile pace.  Pretty exciting!

I also got in the Best Body Bootcamp core workout for Phase 3.  I did the four moves in the same style as last week's TV Commercial Workout.  I enjoy the ABC's comedies on Wednesday night, and doing ab workouts during commercials is a great way to pass the time :)

Today is Ash Wednesday, which is the first day of Lent.  Usually, people give up things for Lent.  The purpose is to get rid of a distraction of this world and focus your attention on God and the amazing gift of His son Jesus.  

My youth director from high school also mentioned that Lent can be a time of taking something on.  If the whole point is to focus on God, then why not take something on that will help you do that?  In light of my recent revelations, I've decided to take on a focus of daily devotional and prayer time.

I've already begun this process on Monday by reading my Bible and doing my daily devotional before bed.  I very much hope that this will continue throughout Lent (and beyond!).

Question for you:  Are you giving anything up/taking anything on for Lent?

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