Monday, August 12, 2013

BBB6 Week 8 Recap

Happy Monday, everyone!  I'm back from DC after a great weekend celebrating Valerie and Nick!
They had a beautiful wedding, and I had a blast celebrating with me.  I'm also honored to have been a bridesmaid!  I'm going to talk more about the wedding weekend on Wednesday, but here are a few pictures until then:

Well, Best Body Bootcamp's summer round is now over :(  It's been a great 8 weeks of workouts and focusing on developing and maintaining healthy habits!  I am sad that it's over, but I have one more recap for you.  Also, there will be a fall round of BBB, so I'll let you know when the sign-ups for that are open!
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Monday-rest day
Tuesday-3.5 mile run + core workout
Wednesday-completed Workout A at my neighbor's house
Thursday-travel/rest day
Friday-15-minute walk/run with some of the other bridesmaids to start the morning
Saturday-another 15-minute walk/run with some of the other bridesmaids
Sunday-Spent my wait time in the airport walking around for some exercise.  Not necessarily your traditional workout, but pulling a suitcase and laptop case while walking for 30+ minutes is certainly a workout!

I kept the same goals this week despite the lack of excitement over these goals.  I flossed my teeth 5/7 nights this week, and I also ate 2 servings of fruit 5/7 days.  I'm happy that I'm improving my habits in these two areas, so hopefully those trends will continue after Best Body Bootcamp.

Highlight of the Week
I'm really proud of myself for actually getting up early Friday and Saturday to get some exercise before our busy days.  It helped that I had two others going with me, which really goes to show that I need to find a regular workout/running buddy to help keep me motivated!

Goals until Next BBB
The biggest goal is to finish the Rock 'n Roll Half in Virginia Beach in under 2:30!  Until then, I also want to actually do the long runs on the weekends before the half marathon.  A non-running goal is to continue a strength training routine so that my muscles won't go away!

Question for you: What workout program/schedule are you doing right now?

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