Thursday, August 8, 2013

Anti-Laziness Project (Part 2) Update

Greetings from the Charlotte airport!  I'm on my way up to DC for Valerie's wedding and have a three-hour layover here.  I flew US Airways this time, so no stopping at my beloved ATL airport :(  One thing the Charlotte airport has on the Atlanta airport?
Moving sidewalks.  I love those things! 

I'm taking a break from working on some school stuff (specifically, a presentation for a workshop I'm presenting next week) to update y'all on how my Anit-Laziness Project is going.  I set a bunch of goals, so let's see how I did this second half of summer.

Food Goals
  1. Continue creating a weekly meal plan and shopping according to what we need for those meals.  I'd give myself a 50% on this.  I did this some, but not every week.  I have created a meal plan for next week, though, and am hoping to get more regular about this now that I'll be back in a regular schedule.
  2. Keep junk food out of the house to prevent "bored eating."  I've actually done rather well with this.  While I have been doing some baking, I've been passing off the goodies to others while enjoying a normal amount of the treats myself.  I've also been very intential about eating when I'm hungry and stopping when I'm satisfied.
    Watermelon and Veggie Straws--two tasty and healthy snacks!
Fitness Goals
  1. Work out as early in the day as possible (so that the workout actually happens!) Workouts have been happening to my liking.  Sometimes it's early, sometimes it's later in the evening.  But, I've been getting them in, so I'm happy!
  2. Stick to my half marathon training plan!  Not happening so much.  I am getting in three weekday training runs, but I just haven't been doing the long runs.  As long as I do 9 miles Sunday/Monday, 11 miles on the 18th, and about 10 miles on the 25th, I think I'll be ok for the half marathon on September 1st.
  3. Stop being lazy and STRETCH/foam roll to reduce/prevent injuries.  I am improving on this!  Stretching has been a regular thing for me before/after runs, I've started going to yoga as a mid-week recovery/stretch day, and I've been foam rolling this week to relieve my tightened muscles.
Faith Goals
  1. Complete Bible Study homework and/or read my devotional for the day while eating breakfast.  Again, I'm about 50% on this.  I'm not completing the Bible study homework in the schedule that I'd usually follow, but I am getting it done.
  2. Increase confession and thanksgiving in my prayers.  Thanksgiving, yes.  Confession, kind of.  I'm praying more immediate prayers of confession, so I guess that is an increase, right?
  3. Go to church each Sunday. Yes, my laziness has even kept me from getting out of bed on Sunday mornings!  Ehh, again not so much.  Unfortunately!  I was doing well with this until I went to NYC.  I have no excuses for not going, so I'm a little disappointed in myself.
  4. Try out the Young Adult small group at church with Joe.  Again, haven't gone.  I'm going to plan for it this week, so we'll see what happens!
    Video sessions totally enhance the Gideon Bible study experience!
Other Goals
  1. Reduce daily clutter throughout the house.  Before this week, I was doing really well with this!
  2. Make a chore-a-day chart and stick to it.  I have a mental chart, and I've been working on those chores pretty regularly.  Joe and I also made a plan for when we start carpooling again to come right in and pick up any clutter we see before doing anything else.
  3. Make sure everything is clean and put away (namely, dishes) before going to bed.  I've improved on this!
  4. Floss teeth every night.  I'm getting this done about 5/7 nights.  Much better than before!
  5. Complete one project each day, whether it's a special chore, a craft, reading something for school, or an errand to take care of.  I've done ok with this.  I kind of started piling a lot of projects in to one day, but at least they are getting done!
  6. Do some work on the blog :) I have some big ideas for some big changes! Stay tuned!  I've been working on this, but I thought I'd be further along by now.  I'm hoping that the changes will occur by the end of August!
Well, there you have it!  Overall, I really do think I've reduced the laziness in my summer, which was the point of setting these goals.  I also think that this is a very reasonable list to keep up during the school year.  I'll need to modify the fitness goal of "work out as early as possible" to "work out right after school" and the "special project every day" to "special project once a week," but I think all of these are doable!

Question for you: What time of year to do you feel your laziest?  What do you do to reduce this feeling?

I'll have a book review for you on Saturday (scheduled post), and I may be able to pop by tomorrow afternoon to fill you in on the first day of my trip.  No promises, though, because we have a full day of preparing for the rehearsal and the wedding!  Have a great weekend :)


  1. I need to work on getting more consistent with my church going as well :) And I've been to the Charlotte airport a million times - those moving sidewalks are great! :)

    1. I definitely took advantage of those sidewalks this weekend :) Makes this already-fast walker very happy

    2. I definitely took advantage of those sidewalks this weekend :) Makes this already-fast walker very happy