Sunday, March 10, 2013

New Running Gear

It's the weekend!  After the week I had, it's so nice to just clean, relax, and have some fun!  Joe's mom, sister, and friend from home came in to town yesterday, so we've been spending time with them and doing some Daytona things with them (like Bike Week!).

I have two new-to-me pieces of running gear to talk about today.  One of them I purchased, and the other was sent to all participants of the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge!

Ellie Catch Me If You Can top
Ellie, previously pvbody, is an activewear company.  As a part of their Fit Fashionista club, I get two pieces sent to me each month for only $50 a month!  You can pick from their collection, or you can just let them choose two pieces for you based on your style profile.  I chose the Catch Me If You Can top for my February purchase because of the color and because I didn't have any long sleeved running gear.  I went on a run wearing it on Saturday morning.

When it arrived, I was surprised at how soft it was!  It's a very light material and oh-so comfy.  I wanted to put it on right away and not take it off.  Plus, it's got thumb holes!

Do I need thumb holes in 60-degree Florida weather?  Not really.  But they just make a long-sleeve shirt that much more fun.
Cell phone pic--sorry for the blurry-ness!

This top is just the right length and did not ride up during my run.  Another plus!  It's got a great fit, and I did not get too hot in it, despite running in 60-degree weather.  I highly recommend it!  The most cost-effective way is to join the Fit Fashionista club, and you can do so by creating an account at

Lock Laces
A perk of signing up for the SBBC was that we all got a pair of Lock Laces with our registration!
Lock Laces clipped down and ready to run!
The pink ones go PERFECTLY with my new running shoes, and they really keep my shoes secure on my feet.  They're great!
Frayed ends after two attempts at putting them in the clips
My only complaint is that after the first use, I wasn't able to fit the strings in the clips meant to hold the strings down.  The ends of the laces were frayed after cutting them, and they were too big to fit in the clip and close it.  It had no effect on the security of the laces, but it just looks better with the laces in the clips.  

Overall, I like my Lock Laces!  I just wish the ends weren't so frayed.  Oh well, I don't mind using them even with the ends sticking up like antenna for my shoes.  
I guess I could just tuck them in...
They keep my shoes snug on my feet without being overly tight.  Good product!  Check out the company's website for their products.  They have even have cute, themed 3-packs of laces (I just might need the Girlpower 3-pack).

Question for you: What's a piece of workout gear that you just can't go without?
I'd have to say my Lock Laces, and the tried-and-true iPod arm band I use to hold my old-school iPod! I can't go to the gym without my music!

I received no compensation for these reviews.  Opinions are based on my use of these products.

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  1. I'm not sure I'm going to try my lock laces, but yours look like they work pretty well! That shirt is adorable as well (because you're going for style while running, right? :) hehe)