Thursday, March 21, 2013

Orangesicle Cookies

Let's start off today's post with a little bit of press, shall we?  I'm in the Daytona Beach News Journal!  One of my students' moms did an article on the 5k I ran on Saturday.  Here's the link to the online version: Hawks, Kiwanis St. Patrick's Day 5K benefits Volusia Literacy Council. 

Not only am I pictured in my lovely outfit, but you can see me at the starting line, too!  I also love how her son told her that I was planning on running 3.14 miles on Pi day last week and that made it in the article.  It just goes to show that anything I say in class can and will be told to their parents! 

Also, am I the only one who can't access my Google Reader anymore?  Where did it go!?!  I know that Google decided to get rid of it, but I thought it wasn't going away until July!  Makes for a very boring lunch period...I usually read the blog posts I missed during the morning.

Oh well, I guess I can actually get some papers graded or something during lunch now :)

I try to share healthy food on here, but today, I've got something to satisfy your sweet tooth!

I saw this mix for Orangesicle cookies from Pillsbury in the grocery store and just had to try it!  Last summer, I tried the Pink Lemonade cake mix and frosting for cupcakes.  They were incredibly good!  Very sweet, a little tart, and the perfect taste of summer.  While it may not feel like summer where you are, I feel like it's non-stop summer down here in Florida.  I was definitely in the mood to see if these cookies would taste like one of my favorite summer treats: Orange Creamsicles!
Pink Lemonade cupcakes
I originally thought this was cake mix and was a bit disappointed when it wasn't.  But, as someone who loves to bake, I made the cookies anyway!

Very, very tasty!  I'd like to think that since they are "Orange"sicle they count as a fruit.  Wishful thinking, huh?  These were also husband-approved, too, but he usually likes anything I bake (except anything mint...bad for me because I love mint desserts!).

I frosted a few of the cookies with the Orangesicle icing.  It made them extra sweet (perfect for me) and a little softer than those without.  Either way tastes great, but I do recommend the icing.

There is also a mix from Pillsbury for Pink Lemonade again this year, as well as another flavor I have yet to try: Key Lime!  I found them on the baking aisle at Wal-Mart, but I imagine you can find these at any grocery store. 

Question for you: What's your favorite summer-y flavor?
I'd have to go with pink lemonade and watermelon.  Just thinking about those tastes make me want to be on a beach!!

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