Sunday, March 17, 2013

SBBC Week 2 Recap

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I must admit, I'm really not a fan of St. Patrick's Day.  I have no Irish decent, so to me, it's an excuse to drink all day (much like Cinco de Mayo).  I do wear green to avoid any pinching, but that's about the extent of my celebrating.

I wanted to quickly recap my second week in the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.  I will say, I did better this week than the first week.

Monday-Ran 3 miles with Joe
Tuesday-Rest day
Wednesday-An hour-long Step Class at the gym
Thursday-Rest day...we spent time with friends today, so I didn't make it to the gym as originally planned
Friday-Rest day, although this could be my "lazy day" for the week.  I had no reason to skip the gym after school, but I did.
Saturday-I PRed in my 5k and won my age group!
Sunday-I tried another new gym class today!  This time, it was CXWORX, a Les Mills core workout.  This 45 minute class really had my muscles burning, including muscles I didn't know I had!  Oh, and the song solely dedicated to planks was INTENSE!  Definitely a class I want to try again.
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Workout Goals for Week 3-I want to get to 5 days of activity.  I'm going to create a workout schedule for myself so that this goal WILL BE MET! :)  Also, I want to get in a Workout of the Week at least one day this week.  Amanda makes great body weight workouts that can be completed.  I love the moves, plus we get a bonus point for completing them.  Why I HAVEN'T done one this week, I have no clue.  Definitely going to take advantage next week.

You know what?  I'm good at getting ing 64 ounces of water a day!  The only day I didn't get that water in was on Thursday, which was an out-of-the-ordinary day with spending so much time at a friend's house.

I got in 7+ servings of freggies 4 out of 7 days.  It's really easy to get these in when I take salad for lunch, which I didn't do on Friday.  Also, I'm bad at getting in freggies over the weekend.
Thursday's freggie-filled lunch from the culinary department at school
Goals for Week 3-Water 7/7 days this time, and I want to get freggies at least 5/7 days this time, including one weekend day!  This will be tough as I'm traveling to Seattle on Saturday, BUT I'm not going to let that fact get in my way of meeting my goals

Total Points for the Week: 27.1!  This is up from 21 points last week.  I hope to break the 30-mark this week, which should easily happen if I hold to my goals.

Question for you: What are your goals for this week?  They can be related to any aspect of your life!
One of my other goals this week is to finish out teaching this week with energy!  We have 5 school days until spring break, and I don't want to succumb to the spring break frame of mind.


  1. Great job on the PR and the win! Awesome! I love CXWORX, it's killer!

    1. Thank you! Oh boy, it was...but I think I'll go back for more this week!

  2. Nice trophy! That's so cool! We are on spring break now, and I think teachers look forward to it more than students! It was a rough week last week.

    Stupid question - what is a freggie?

    Ashley @ The Preppy Runner

    1. Freggies = fruits + veggies! Someone in one of the Bootie Buster Challenges created that abbreviation, and I loved it!

  3. Congrats on your PR and the great SBBC week! I'm a big Les Mills fan. CXWORX sounds awesome!

    1. It was!! Just finished up BodyPump tonight too...Les' got some great workouts!