Monday, March 11, 2013

So Long, Wewii

To start off this post, I have some news to share with y'all.  I mentioned the dog, Wewii, that Joe and I are keeping for one of his friends before.
Definition of a lap dog
Well, this weekend, his owner picked him up.
Appropriate for him leaving, although he didn't want me to go!
It's been weird not having him to cuddle with on the couch, to not take him out in the morning when I woke up, and to not come home to him after work.  I will certainly miss him, but hopefully we'll be able to come by for a visit!
Bye, Wewii!  Hope to see you soon!

Now, on to my day!

Joe and I both finished up earlier than we usually do, so we took advantage of the afternoon by taking a run together!  I love running with him since he helps me pick up my pace.

I hung with him for 2 miles, which lasted just under 18 minutes.  After that, I walked for a minute then ran .25 miles.

I finished just over 9:00 minute pace, and I was so excited!  If this happens this weekend, I will definitely get the PR I want!

As a follower of Jesus, I know that I'm supposed to love others and put others before myself.  Sometimes I wonder just how far that extends.

Today at school, I had a student who was making up a test from four weeks before.  According to school policy, I didn't have to let this student take this test.  I told them they could come in today (teacher work day) to do the test, and that I would wait on finalizing my grades until after the test.  This student came in asking if I could go over with them everything from that chapter to make sure they were on the right track.

I told the student that I didn't even have to let them take the test and that I was waiting on them to finish to complete my grades.  I didn't go through everything with them, they took the test, and when they walked out they said "sorry for wasting your time."

This really just put a dagger through my heart.  The student didn't waste my time at all, but at the same time, they had a really, really long time (four weeks) to prepare for making up this test!  I would have been happy to ask questions the week before when I was available for tutoring.  But on my teacher work day?  The grading period was over, and this was a special case that they were able to make the test up.

What am I supposed to do as a follower of Jesus?  Was allowing this student to take the test enough, or should I have taken the time to go through everything with them before the test?  The teacher in me has no qualms with what I did at all.  But the empathetic, compassionate person in me who wants to love others and put them before myself does.

I'm going to pray on this and try not to feel guilty.  I'm going to pray to see if I need to say anything to the student, as well as pray that I did not mess up anything as far as our student-teacher relationship goes.

Question for you: Do you have a workout buddy that pushes you to meet your fitness goals?  What do you think about my little predicament here?


  1. First of all, that dog is so sweet! Second, do not feel guilty about that! If you hadn't given them a make-up test at all, that would be going against your faith, because you are lending a helping hand by letting them take it. However, we are supposed to be responsible -- which means they should have been responsible by preparing for four weeks. I think you did what you needed to and should have done, and I wouldn't feel guilty!

    1. Good points. Thanks for the perspective :)

  2. I love workout buddies! I really want a dog workout buddy, but it might be a while before that happens.

    And I think you were totally in the right here, no matter what you believe in. Four weeks to make up a test is a HUGELY generous amount of time. And in college, something like that would never ever fly. And you know that, anybody's who's been there knows that. I think it's fair to prepare the student for what's coming up, otherwise they wouldn't learn anything from you.

    Make sense?

    1. The dog was a great workout it's just the husband. He'll do :)

      And yes, you make sense! Thanks for those points. I do try and prepare my kids for college, and you're right, they don't get that much freedom in college!