Sunday, March 10, 2013

Prayer Wimps + SBBC Week 1 Workouts

Hey, y'all!  Did everyone remember to Spring Forward today?  Joe and I keep saying it feels an hour later than it is, but i guess it's because we're not used to the new time!

I mentioned awhile ago that I was going to start listening to Max Lucado's sermon series about prayer called Your Best 10 Minutes.  Well, today I finally started it!

The first sermon was called Calling All Prayer Wimps and introduced the series.  A few interesting points I gathered from the sermon:

  • Statistically, more people will pray this week than exercise or have sex.
  • The disciples' only request of a lesson from Jesus was for Him to teach them how to pray.
  • The devil does everything he can to keep us from praying because when we pray, we use weapons that are not of this world.
  • "Prayer is the hand of faith on the doorknob of our hearts."  We pray to open that door and let Jesus in.  He comes to meet with us, not to judge or condemn (that's the devil).
  • According to Max, "all the prayers of the Bible can be summed up to this: God, you're good.  I need help.  So do they.  Thank you."
The rest of the sermon series will break down that last statement and focus on each little bit at a time.  I look forward to listening to the rest of the series and learning more about prayer, how to make prayer a priority in my life, and how to pray better.  I'll be sure to share it all with you!

This was the first week of the Spring Bootie Buster Challenge.  It's great to be back in this type of challenge, which provides great support, accountability, and motivation in being healthy from day to day.

Here's a round-up of my workouts this week:
Monday: 10 minute run on the treadmill, 30 minute strength workout (I did one of the Best Body Bootcamp workouts from Phase 4 that I didn't do during bootcamp.)
Tuesday: rest day
Wednesday: 2 mile run with Joe and Wewii (the dog)
Thursday: lazy rest day
Friday: rest day
Saturday: I ran 2 miles focusing on speed then 2 miles of running 0.1 miles, then walking for a minute.  Overall, the run lasted 40 minutes.  I also did on of Amanda's Workouts of the Week, which focused on moves for distance runners and stretched before/after my run.
Sunday: rest day

I didn't get in many days of activity this week, but I do think that I made it count on the days that I actually did something.

I also get points toward the challenge for drinking 64oz of water and for eating 7-9 servings of fruits and veggies.  I met the water goal 5/7 days this week and the freggies goal 4/7 days.

My goal for next week is to get in activity points 5 days out of the week and continue to do well with the water + freggies goals.  Also, I want to PR in the 5k I'm running on Saturday.  I don't think that'll be  too hard, considering my current PR is 33:00 from my split in my half marathon!

Question for you: What are your goals for this week?

You already know mine!  Share yours with me :)

Have a great start to your week, and I'll see you back here tomorrow!

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